Rupert Grint Filmography: Wild Target

“The best thing about that was learning how to handle guns. We were at a shooting range, and I thought it would be easy. Just aim and fire, right? But it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” (Rupert Grint about Wild Target)

Directed by Jonathan Lynn, Wild Target stars Rupert Grint as Tony alongside Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Eileen Atkins. Filmed in London and on the Isle of Man in autumn 2008, Wild Target was released in the UK on 18 June 2010.

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The Story

Victor Maynard is the best and most expensive hitman in London, having taken over from his late father and his mother, who is now residing at “Memory Lane” and would love to see him settling down and getting a heir.
Rose is a thief and sells fake paintings and ends up tricking Ferguson into buying a fake Rembrandt. Ferguson therefore hires Victor to kill her, but Victor fails when he begins to fall in love.
When Ferguson’s bodyguards Mike an Barney take it upon themselves to kill them both, Victor and Rose go on the run – along with Tony, who got caught in the crossfire. They find a room in a Hotel – only two rooms next to Ferguson’s suite.
With some luck (and a baby’s help), Victor, Rose and Tony once again manage to escape and find refugee at Victor’s house on the countryside, while Ferguson sends Hector Dixon, the second-best and almost-most-expensive hitman, after them…

Rupert’s character

Tony works at a car park washing cars by hand, and meets Victor Maynard and Rose when they have a run-in with Ferguson’s bodyguards. Mistakenly believing Victor to be a private detective, Tony becomes his apprentice and joins Victor and Rose on the run.

Trivia Information

  • Mrs. Maynard lives at “Memory Lane”
  • Rose’s room at Fairview Hotel is No 27, the trio’s room at the Andaz is 322.
  • Victor costs 30.000 per week.
  • Tony works at the car park by offering “Hand Car Wash”.
  • Jerry Bailey faked Rembrandt’s painting.
  • Tony’s “training” would last 6 weeks and include a bed and a ticket for public transport in London.
  • Victor’s dad Felix was 55 when Victor was born.
  • Rose’s hand is on Tony’s thigh when they are hiding from Victor’s mother.
  • When Rose is about to leave, Tony is wearing the white t-shirt under his sweater that he wore to bed the night he spent with Rose.
  • Tony is holding his cutlery like most left-handed people do (fork in the right, knife in the left hand).
  • Rose orders a large Glenfiddich, cognac, Belvedere, a Becks (for the barman), two red wines and peanuts.
  • You can see Tony wearing three types of underwear: when he climbs into the Mini, he is wearing white/blue boxers, when he is training his sword fighting, they are black, and in the bathing scene, Victor has blue/red/grey striped ones with the other clothing in his hands

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Filming: six weeks, September/October 2008
Budget: $ 8 Million

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert’s favourite scene to film:
  • Rupert had to learn how to take apart a 9mm Glock handgun and set it back together.
  • Rupert grew a beard for the part of Tony.
  • The Manx leg of shooting lasted for three weeks.
  • While filming on the Isle of Man, The Creek Inn, Peel, became Rupert’s and the crew’s local for lunch and in the evenings, when they watched the live bands.
  • RG.us Exclusive: Helena Bonham Carter was originally cast in the female lead but we were informed that she had to withdraw from the production when a tragedy hit her family. She was replaced by English actress Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada).
  • At the Isle of Man, Rupert went to have dinner with the Wild Target crew several times.
  • Director Jonathan Lynn lent his voice to Roger, the parrot.
  • The number of the hotel room, the headlines of the newspaper clippings are the same as those in the original, Cible Emouvante.
  • This is the painting that Rose is tricking Ferguson with. It is (in reality) hanging in the National Gallery where the scenes in the film take place.
  • Wild Target is based on the French film “Cible Emouvante” from 1992, starring Guillaume Depardieu as Antoine (here: Tony). Aged 37, Guillaume died during the production of Wild Target.

Filming Locations

  • Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
  • Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, London, England, UK (Foyer and Entrance scenes)
  • Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  • Ramsey, Isle of Man, UK
  • St. Johns, Isle of Man, UK
  • Twickenham Film Studios
  • West Ealing, The Singapore Road Multistorey Car Park, London, UK (carpark scenes)

Cast (selection)

Rupert Grint (Tony)
Bill Nighy (Victor Maynard)
Emily Blunt (Rose)
Rupert Everett (Ferguson)
Eileen Atkins (Louisa Maynard)
Martin Freeman (Hector Dixon)
Gregor Fisher (Mike)
James O’Donnell (Barney)
Graham Seed (Appraiser)
Geoff Bell (Fabian, Dixon’s Assistant)


Director: Jonathan Lynn
Screenplay: Lucinda Coxon
Music: Michael Price
Cinematographer: David Johnson
Production Designer: Caroline Greville-Morris
Costume Designer: Sheena Napier
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Jan Sewell
Stunt Coordinator: Jim Dowdall
Editor: Michael Parker
Casting Director: Karen Lindsay-Steward

Producer: Magic Light Pictures, CinemaNX, Isle of Man Film, Matador Pictures, Cinema Four, Regent Capital

International Sales: Protagonist Pictures

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Runtime: 98 min
Rating: 12A (UK)
Genre: Comedy/Action/Drama

Grosses: $3,115,211
USA: $108,589 (3.5%)
Other Countries: $3,006,622 (96.5%)
Widest Release: 13 theatres (US)
In Release 49days


Entertainment Film Distributors Ltd. (UK), Other Angle (France), Atlas (Germany), Moonlight (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), Ascot Elite (Switzerland), Village Roadshow (Greece), Valentin (Portugal), Phars (Middle East), DDDream (China), Leda (Latin America), Icon (Australia), E1 (Canada)
Confirmed: Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Turkey, Baltic States, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand.


  • Beaune Festival du Film Policier, Competition (8, 9, 10, 11 April 2010)
  • British & Irish Film Season – Screenings from the Islands (2 and 6 May 2010)
  • Taormina Film Fest (18 June 2010)
  • Melbourne International Film Festival (2 and 6 August 2010)
  • Border Mail Albury-Wodonga International Film Festival (5 September 2010)
  • Hamptons International Film Festival (8 and 9 October 2010)
  • Anaheim International Film Festival (13 October 2010, opening film)
  • Canberra International Film Festival (28 and 31 October 2010)


  • UK, Ireland Release: 18 June 2010
  • France: 7 July 2010
  • China: 2 September 2010
  • Turkey: 8 October 2010
  • US limited release: 29 October 2010
  • Australia: 11 November 2010
  • New Zealand: 3 February 2011
  • Kuwait: 21 April 2011
  • South Korea: 29 December 2011


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Memorable Quotes

Lady: What’s your name?
Victor: Smith.
Rose: Smith.
Tony: You have the same name?!

Tony: Sorry I’m gonna shoot you. But I didn’t shoot him, so he’s not pissed of with me.

Tony: When I did it, I was really calm about it. Felt like I had all the time in the world.

Tony: It’s been a long day. I just want some peace and quiet.

Tony: So I’ll be your assistant?
Victor: (shakes head) Apprentice.

Tony: My reaction’s quicker now I’ve rested.

Tony: I’m an orderly kind, peaceful person!

Tony: Try to find your ear, put it on ice, and find a hospital to stitch it back on. […] There’s some ice in the minibar.

Tony: he just frightened me. So I… [makes gun sound].

Victor: We’re getting out of town.
Rose: Noooo, I like town!
Tony: Me too. But I’ve never tried anything eels, so I’m open to everything.

Tony: So… Me being your apprentice, I thought we could get this on a formal footing?

Tony: You need to know all that to be a private detective?!

Tony: Staggeringly staggering.

Tony: Is that a cow?! Much bigger in person…

Victor: Having a bath?
Tony: Looks like it.

Tony: Confusing you?
Victor: Sexually.
Tony: I see… I didn’t know you were…
Victor: Well, I’m not!
Tony: Oh. That’s confusing.

Rose: You saved my life. Again!
Tony: I didn’t mean to!

Tony: Sorry about the mirror! I’ve never opened one of these.

Victor: Did you do that?
Tony: No. You did.

Rose: You’re a liar! And a killer!
Victor: You’re a thief!
Tony: You’re made for each other!

Tony: But I thought it was private detective.
Victor: Who shot people?!
Tony: Well, sometimes. By accident. If it was unavoidable.

Tony: Mr. Meynard?
Victor: Yes, Tony.
Tony: We’ll get him.

Tony: Feet. Hand. Wrist. Breath.

Tony: Did you see that?
Rose: See what?
Tony: Shit.

Tony: Has anyone seen the cat?

Rupert about Wild Target

It’s quite embarrassing where I had to stand in the bath, I had a jock strap kind of thing, it was weird because it wasn’t water, it was milk… to make the water look cloudy so you couldn’t see anything – we were in a bath of milk.
Thankfully there weren’t many people on set just me and Bill. He didn’t really say very much, but yes it did feel just a bit uncomfortable for the both of us.
~Musicrooms.net 2009

“It was just really the script. It was really funny, it’s a quite dark comedy, which is quiet cool. The cast is great. It’s just seemed like a cool thing to do.”
(Lovefilm 2010)

“The guns appealed to me quite a bit – it was refreshing, and very unlike Ron. All the action stuff – the car chase too – was really fun,” he says.
(Telegraph June 8, 2010)

“He is a nice guy. He’s kind of mysterious, too. You don’t know where he comes from. He just appears suddenly. Kind of wrong place at the wrong time really.”
(Lovefilm 2010)


Language: English
Subtitles: English
Extras: Interviews with Cast and Crew
ASIN (Region 2 DVD): B003U9UXPA
ASIN (BluRay): B003U9UXXC

Language: English
Subtitles: English
Extras: On Target with Emily Blunt
ASIN (Region 1 DVD): B004H4AD2U
ASIN (BluRay): B004H4AD1Q

German DVD/BluRay
Language: English, German
Subtitles: German
Extras: Behind the Scenes
ASIN (Region 2 DVD): B003MDHNY8


Released 21 Jun 2010
Label: Sony Music

  • Opening Titles (Michael Price)
  • Mehum Mate (Fishtank Ensemble)
  • Hotel Song (Regina Spector)
  • Johnny Got A Boom Boom (Imelda May)
  • The Waves (Liam Shachar ft Joe Echo)
  • All over me (Pete Simpson)
  • ‘Spring’ from The Four Seasons – Violin Concerto in E Major, Op. 8 No. 1 (The Capella Istropolitana Orchestra)
  • In A Mellow Mood (The Freddie Carleone Quartet)
  • ‘Sinfonia Concertante E flat Major’ KV364, 2nd Movement Andaante Ma Non Troppo (The Capella Istropolitana Orchestra)
  • Beethoven Piano Sonata No.8 in C Minor ‘Pathetique’ (Rupert Everett)
  • Face The Dragon (Fishtank Ensemble)
  • New Soul (Yael Naim)
  • Plug into the Machine (Dorp)
  • Wedding Bell (Beach House)
  • Foot Massage (Michael Price)
  • Going up the Country
  • Mayhem (Imelda May)