Rupert Grint Filmography: Underdogs

NOTE: This film carries the title “Underdogs” in the US, and “The Unbeatables” in the UK, but is known as “Metegol” in the original Spanish-speaking version. We are henceforth using the US title.

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Directed by Juan José Campanella, Rupert Grint has lent his voice to the lead character Amadeo in the English version of the animated film Underdogs. The film premiered in its English version titled Foosball at the London Film Festival on 19 October 2013 and was released in August 2014 in the UK and the US.

The Story

Amadeo, a shy boy who is very talented at playing foosball, is forced to play a match against his arch rival Grosso to regain his dignity. Not only are they opponents at the game, but Grosso wants to woe Laura, Amadeo’s best friend and secret love interest.

Rupert’s character

Amadeo is a shy, young boy, who is secretly in love with his best friend Laura, and a champion at foosball with his own foosball team. His biggest rival is the professional football-player Grosso.

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Trivia Information

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Official Website

Filming: 2013
Budget: $22.000.000 (estimated)

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Behind the Scenes

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Rupert Grint (Amadeo)
Anthony Head Stewart (Flash)
Peter Serafinowicz (Loco)
Bob Rydon (Rico)
Ralf Little (Skip)
Alistair McGowan (Ray)
Eva Ponsonby (Lara)


Director: Juan José Campanella
Screenplay: Juan José Campanella, Gaston Gorali, Eduardo Sacheri
Music: Emilio Kauderer
Director of Photography: Félix Monti
Editor: Juan José Campanella, Abel Goldfarb

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Producer: Juan José Campanella, Mercedes Gamero, Gastón Gorali, Mikel Lejarza, Jorge Estrada Mora, Manuel Polanco

Underdogs on imdb.com

Runtime: 106min
Rating: Argentina:Atp, Mexico:AA, BBFC:U
Genre: Animation/Adventure/Romance

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United International Pictures (Argentina), 369 Productions(UK), Vertigo Films (UK) (all media), Film Factory Entertainment (World-wide), The Weinstein Company (US), GKids (US), Axinite Digicinema (Philippines) (theatrical), Universal Pictures International (UPI) (Spain) (theatrical), Vue Movie Distribution (Poland) (theatrical), DirecTV Latin America (DTVLA) (Non-US) (TV) (Latin America), Edko Films (Hong Kong) (all media), NOS Audiovisuais (Portugal) (all media)


  • Donostino San Sebastian International Film Festival (20 September 2013)
  • London International Film Festival (19 October 2013)
  • Miami International Festival (8 March 2014)
  • Galway Film Fleadh (9 July 2014)
  • Anifest Hong Kong (9 August 2014)

Release Dates

18 July 2013: Argentina
8 November 2013: Colombia
15 November 2013: Mexico
29 November 2013: Brazil
20 December 2013: Spain
2 January 2014: Russia
23 January 2014: Peru
24 January 2014: Paraguay
31 January 2014: Poland
3 April 2014: Israel
29 May 2014: Italy, Portugal
8 August 2014: Scotland, Ireland
15 August 2014: United Kingdom
5 September 2014: China
1 October 2014: Philippines
1 January 2015: Hong Kong
5 March 2015: Germany
10 April 2015: USA

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Award of the Argentinean Academy, Best Screenplay – Adapted (Juan José Campanella, Eduardo Sacheri, Gastón Gorali) (winner)
Award of the Argentinean Academy, Best Film (Juan José Campanella) (nomination)
Award of the Argentinean Academy, Best Original Score (Emilio Kauderer) (nomination)
Goya Award, Best Animation Film (Jorge Estrada Mora, Manuel Polanco, Mikel Lejarza) (winner)

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