Rupert Grint Filmography: Tom Gates

“Recording the Tom Gates audiobooks with Bolinda audio was a brilliant experience. It was great fun bringing the cast of characters to life, particularly Tom and his annoying sister Delia. I hope Tom Gates fans enjoy them!” (Rupert Grint about Tom Gates)


Rupert Grint has recorded the audiobooks for the Tom Gates children’s novel series. The audiobooks were released in summer/fall 2015.

The Story

Tom Gates is a normal boy with normal, everyday problems: school, annoying teachers, his sister Delia and his Band “Dogzombies”. In the (audio-)book series, Tom tells and draws his life stories.

Rupert’s character

Rupert Grint is the narrator of the Tom Gates audiobooks.

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Rupert Grint (narrator)


Book: Liz Pinchon

Producer: Bolinda Publishing


  • 2015

Recording Locations

  • London

Runtimes: #1: 1h48min; #2: 2h12min; #3: 2h17min; #4: 2h05min; #5: 2h14min; #6: 2h29; #7: 3h38; #8: 2h25min; #9: 2h32min
Genre: Children’s Fiction


Bolinda Publishing

Release Dates

#1: 1 June 2015; #2: 1 June 2015; #3: 1 July 2015; #4: 1 August 2015; #5: 1 September 2015; #6: 1 October 2015; #7: 1 November 2015; #8: 1 June 2015; #9: 1 February 2016


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Memorable Quotes

“While Amy is feeling a tiny bit sorry for me, I take the opportunity to ask her about Dude3. I remember Amy loves the band.”
“I tell him VIP stands for ‘Very Irritating Person’. He believes me.”
“Derek warns me: ‘If my dad ever says to you ‘Have you heard of this band, Tom’, just say ‘Yes’.'”
“If we’re ever going to become like Dude3, best band in the world, we need to learn a few more songs.”
“This was because when everyone else eventually dozed off, I discovered that Brad Galloway talked in his sleep!”

Rupert about TOM GATES

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Audio Books

Tom Gates #1: The brilliant world of Tom Gates; ISBN 9781486294428
Tom Gates #2: Excellent excuses (and other good stuff); ISBN 9781486294381
Tom Gates #3: Everything’s amazing (sort of); ISBN 9781486298266
Tom Gates #4: Genius Ideas (mostly); ISBN 9781489019356
Tom Gates #5: Tom Gates is absolutely fantastic (at some things); ISBN 9781489022066
Tom Gates #6: Extra special treats (not); ISBN 9781489055293
Tom Gates #7: (A tiny bit) lucky; ISBN 9781489077882
Tom Gates #8: Yes! no (maybe…); ISBN 9781486294343
Tom Gates #9: Top of the class (nearly); ISBN 9781489091185