Rupert Grint Filmography: Super Clyde

“I rode on a bus. Then I rode on another bus. And then I rode on another bus! Then I outran three very aerobically fit women in their mid-to-late forties. I was amazing!” (Rupert Grint as Super Clyde)


In March/April 2013, Rupert Grint filmed the pilot Super Clyde as the title hero Clyde for CBS, however, the series was not picked up for the 2013/14 season, but was aired online on the CBS website.

The Story

Super Clyde is a series about an avid comic book fan who lives with his brother Duke and sister Faith, and wishes he were a super hero. When Clyde learns from their buttler Randolph that his grandfather also had a super-hero worthy streak, he aspires to do the same.

Rupert’s character

Rupert plays Clyde, the lead role in the series, a fast food worker with anxiety issues who feels he does not fit in and wishes he were a super hero.

Trivia Information

  • Rupert speaks in an American accent in this pilot.
  • Rupert stars with Stephen Fry, who narrates the British Harry Potter Audiobooks.


Rupert Grint (Clyde)
Stephen Fry (Randolph)
Tyler Labine (Duke)
Justine Lupe (Faith)
Laura Ortiz (Jolene)
Stanley Miller (young Clyde)


Director: Michael Fresco
Screenplay: Gregory Thomas Garcia
Director of Photography: Sharone Meir
Production Designer: John Zachary
Special Makeup Designer: Clinton Wayne, Matthew W. Mungle
Editor: William Marrinson

Producer: Greg Garcia, John Myrick


  • March/April 2013

Recording Locations

  • Los Angeles, USA


Runtime: 22min 20sec
Genre: Comedy


Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

Release Dates

9 October 2013 (CBS Website)


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Memorable Quotes

Clyde: Before you jump to any conclusions, let me explain how I got here. And to do that, we need to go back a few years.

Clyde: I started reading comics after my parents died. Batman, Spiderman, Superman. They all lost their parents when they were kids, so we all had something in common. Whether they can run fast, fly, breathe underwater, they were all given something that made them special. I wasn’t.

Clyde: I like my job. Plus I get to work alongside the most beautiful fast-food worker in the history of fast food. Jolene.

Clyde: What did you do?
Faith: Would it kill you to tell me I look skinny?
Clyde: You’re covered in bandages!
Faith: I know, and I still look skinny!

Randolph: Are youDo you need to talk to the doctor?
Clyde: No, I haven’t talked to the doctor since I was a kid.
Randolph: You know the doctor’s always in if you need to talk to the doctor.
Clyde: I don’t need to talk to the doctor!
Doctor: Hello Clyde…
Clyde: Hello Doctor Giggles.
Doctor: I’m worried about you. Even though you don’t need to work anymore, you haven’t quit your job.
Clyde: I can’t quit my job, when would I see Jolene? This is stupid. I don’t want to talk to the doctor. Put him back in your pocket.

Clyde: He was like a superhero!

Clyde: This is Clyde, I’m on a secret mission but it went sideways. It went sideways! […] Northbound on Sycamore street. On Sycamore street!
Randolph: Get in!
Cylde: You’re not supposed to talk on the phone when you’re driving!
Randolph: Get in!

Clyde: I rode on a bus. Then I rode on another bus. And then I rode on another bus! Then I outran three very aerobically fit women in their mid-to-late forties. I was amazing!

Clyde: Why yes, I DID lose my wallet!