Rupert Grint Filmography: Sick Note

~ STATUS: Seasons 1 and 2 awaiting release ~

“What’s really important is, Sick Note isn’t taking the mick out of cancer. It’S more about the lies Daniel and Iain tell, and how they spiral. Cancer becomes a secondary thing. Sick Note is dark but it’s also hilarious and clever.” (Rupert Grint about Sick Note)

Rupert Grint stars in Sick Note as lead character Daniel Glass alongside Nick Frost. Season 2 was filmed before Season 1 had aired, and both are currently awaiting release on Sky.

The Story

Dr Iain Glennis diagnoses esophageal cancer in Daniel Glass, a young man in a failing relationship and horrible job, who happens to be a compulsive liar. When Daniels life takes a turn for the better after the diagnosis, he chooses to keeps the fact that he was misdiagnosed a secret. Both Daniel and Dr Glennis have to work on preventing the truth from being uncovered.

Rupert’s character

Rupert plays Daniel Glass, who is accidentially diagnosed with cancer. Suffering from relationship and work problems, compulsive liar Daniel keeps up the pretence of being deadly ill when he experiences being treated better by everyone around him. Keeping the secrets turns out to be harder than anticipated.

Trivia Information

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Filming: 9 May – 24 June 2016
Budget: to be announced

Behind the Scenes

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Filming Locations

  • London, UK
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Rupert Grint (Daniel Glass)
Nick Frost (Dr. Iain Glennis)
Pippa Bennett-Warner (Becca Palmerstone)
Don Johnson (Kenny West)
Camilla Beeput (Vanessa Matthews)
Miles Richardson (Dr Samson)
David Cann (Gordon Glass)
Mathilda Thorpe (Claire Glass)
Marama Corlett (Linda)
Karl Theobald (Michael)
Belinda Steward-Wilson (Annette Glennis)
Tolun Ogunmefun (Ash Matthews)


Director: Matt Lipsey
Screenplay: James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders
Music: Carly Paradis
Production Designer: Jo White
Make-Up Designer: Nicola Coleman
Editor: Gavin Buckley, Pete Drinkwater
Casting: Rosalie Clayton

Producer: Jo Sargent, King Bert Productions


Runtime: Coming soon
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: Season 1: 6; Season 2: 8


Sky Atlantic (UK)
Sky Vision (non-UK)

Release Dates

UK: 7 November 2017
more to be announced


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