Rupert Grint’s Filmography – Overview

Rupert Grint Filmography: Overview

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Feature Films

Title Year Character Director
Philosopher’s Stone 2001 Ron Weasley Chris Columbus
Thunderpants 2002 Alan A. Allen Pete Hewitt
Chamber of Secrets 2002 Ron Weasley Chris Columbus
Prisoner of Azkaban 2004 Ron Weasley Alfonso Cuaron
Goblet of Fire 2005 Ron Weasley Mike Newell
Driving Lessons 2006 Ben Marshall Jeremy Brock
Order of the Phoenix 2007 Ron Weasley David Yates
Half-Blood Prince 2009 Ron Weasley David Yates
Cherrybomb 2010 Malachy McKinney Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn
Wild Target 2010 Tony Jonathan Lynn
Deathly Hallows Part 1 2010 Ron Weasley David Yates
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011 Ron Weasley David Yates
Into the White 2011 Robert Smith Petter Næss
The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman 2012 Carl Fredrik Bond
CBGB 2012 Cheetah Chrome Randall Miller
Postman Pat 2013 Josh Mike Disa
Unbeatables 2013 Amadeo Juan José Campanella
Enemy of Man
~ Confirmed ~
2014 Rosse Vincent Regan
Moonwalkers 2014 Jonny Antione Bardou-Jacquet

Stage Work

Title Year Character Director
MOJO 2013/2014 Sweets Ian Rickson
It’s Only A Play 2014 Frank Finger Jack O’Brian

TV Work

Title Year Character Director
Happy Birthday, Peter Pan 2005 Peter Pan Roy Ackerman, Mary Dickinson
The Queen’s Handbag 2006 Ron Weasley Claire Popplewell, Ben Warwick
Come fly with me 2010 himself Paul King
Red Nose Day 2011 himself unknown
American Dad 2012 Liam Rodney Clouden
Super Clyde 2013 Clyde Michael Fresco
Tracey Ullman Show 2015 himself
The Artist 2015 August (Gustl) Kubizek Dan Zeff
Sick Note 2016 Daniel Glass Matt Lipsey
Snatch 2017 Charlie Cavendish Nick Renton

Voice Work

Title Year Character Director
Baggy Trousers 2003 Nigel Molesworth Elisabeth Freestone
Videogame: Harry Potter 5 2007 Ron Weasley Matt Birch
Videogame: Harry Potter 6 2009 Ron Weasley Matt Birch
Videogame: Harry Potter 7.1 2010 Ron Weasley Matt Birch
Videogame: Harry Potter 7.2 2011 Ron Weasley Matt Birch
We are Aliens 2012 Narrator Max Crow
Tom Gates 2015 Narrator

Other Work

Title Year Character Director
Make it Great Campaign 2012 himself unknown
Lego House Music Video 2012 Ed Sheeran’s stalker Emil Nava

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