Rupert Grint Filmography: Red Nose Day

“I want to go to Africa.” (Rupert Grint in Red Nose Day clip)

Written by James Cordon, Rupert Grint participated in this comedy sketch to raise money for Red Nose Day. The sketch aired on 18 March 2011 on BBC.

The Story

A panel of celebrities is arguing over who should go to Africa to make a film about the work of Comic Relief. Rupert offers himself to go, but the others won’t let him go on is own, because they think it would be better to have Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe with him. But as Daniel is currently working and Emma is studying USA, Tom Felton offers to go with Rupert.

Rupert’s character

Rupert played himself, participating in the panel of celebrities who had to choose who would be sent to Africa as a representative for Comic Relief.

Filming: 2011

Behind the Scenes

  • The t-shirt Rupert wears in the clip is his own. He owns the same t-shirt in black with a red heart on it.

Filming Locations

  • London


Rupert Grint (himself)
Tom Felton (himself)
Paul McCartney (himself)
Ringo Starr (himself)
Gordon Brown (himself)
Dermont O’Leary (himself)
Rio Ferdinand (himself)
JLS (themselves)
Justin Bieber (himself)
Keira Knightley (herself)
Davina McCall (herself)
George Michael (himself)


Screenplay: James Cordon

Producer: Comic Relief

Runtime: 13min 16 sec
Genre: Comedy



Release Dates

18 March 2011


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Memorable Quotes

Rupert: I want to go to Africa.
Smithy: Right.
Rupert: I just want to give back. You know, it’s heartbreaking. These kids live in such abject property that the words “Quidditch” and “Hogwarts” mean nothing to them.
Smithy: Anyone got a problem with Ron going?
Rupert: Rupert!
Smithy: Whatever.