Rupert Grint Filmography: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

“It’s really good to see Dan, Emma and all the other cast as well. Like Matthew, Devon, all the other people like that, it’s really fun. It’s like, in a way, kind of going back to school but much, much better than that.” (Rupert Grint about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban stars Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Filmed in Leavesden and on location throughout Britain in 2003/2004, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban had its World Premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on 23 May 2004.

The Story

After accidentally blowing up his uncle’s sister, Harry flees from the Dursleys – unaware that Sirius Black, a convicted mass murderer and follower or Lord Voldemort, has escaped from the wizarding prison of Azkaban and is said to be afer Harry.
While his friends Ron and Hermione fight over her cat Crookshanks’ attempts to eat Ron’s rat Scabbers, Harry receives private tutoring from the ragged-looking Professor Lupin to ward off the soul-sucking Dementors, who have been sent from Azkaban to protect the students at Hogwarts from Black.
During a visit to the village near the school, Harry learns that Black is believed to have told Lord Voldemort about his parents’ hiding place, but eventually, Harry and his friends are being dragged into the revelation of what really happened the night the Potters were killed…

Rupert’s character

While slightly worried for Harry’s safety when he learns that Sirius Black is on the loose, Ron is glad when Harry breaks the rules to join him and Hermione on their trip to Hogsmeade, for Ron repeatedly has arguments with Hermione about her cat’s attempts to eat Ron’s pet rat Scabbers. Just when Scabbers has reappeared, Ron is literally dragged into the revelation about the truth behind the murder of Harry’s parents…

Trivia Information

  • The symbols under Sirius Black’s picture on the Wanted Poster translate as “more or less human.”
  • While Mr. Weasley talks to Harry about Sirius Black at the Leaky Cauldron, Ron changes his seat. The bald patch on Scabbers’ head is visible, as is Pettigrew’s later on.
  • Ron sits on seat No 9 in the fourth compartment from the front of the second wagon.
  • The sweet that Seamus throws at Ron, which gives Ron the lion roar, is orange.
  • The cup holding information about Ron’s future is striped: blue, greyish-yellow, reddish-brown from top to bottom.
  • Shortly after Ron gives Harry the shove to step up to Buckbeak, Buckbeak can be seen poo-ing.
  • When Harry comes back after flying on Buckbeak, Ron can be seen clapping with the other Gryffindor boys, while Hermione is with some girls.
  • When Draco is boasting about the “seriousness” of his injury, he mentions that Madam Pomfrey almost had to cut off his arm. Despite stating that Draco is “really lying on thick”, Ron does the same thing later on when talking about his leg to Hermione. In the same scene, Ron plays with the strap on Hermione’s bag.
  • Ron sneaks a look at Hermione during Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.
  • The capes Ron and Hermione wear to the Quidditch match also have the Gryffindor symbol on the left chest.
  • The hat Ron wears to Hogwarts is a different one than the one in the partying scene in the boys’ dormitory.
  • While walking to Hagrid’s, Ron and Hermione are walking in the same rhythm except when walking down the steps and when Ron turns his back towards Harry.
  • Ron’s dream about spiders making him tap-dance is a two-in-one reference of the next book. In ‘Goblet of Fire’, Professor Moody makes a spider tap-dance on the desk.
  • Ron sleeps across the room from Harry’s bed. In the previous films, and in Goblet of Fire, their beds are next to each other.
  • Ron actually has a bitemark on his finger when Scabbers has bitten him.
  • When Pettigrew leaves the tunnel with Lupin, he asks Lupin to turn him into “a dungbeatle or a flobberworm” instead of giving him to the Dementors. When Ron and Hermione argue at the beginning of the film, Ron mentions the Egyptians worshiping dungbeatles.
  • When Lupin turns into his werewolf form, it is Hermione who turns to help Ron get up first.
  • When the trio and Snape get up as Sirius and Lupin start to fight, Harry is the one to help Ron get up. Shortly afterwards, he is leaning towards and then onto Hermione again.
  • When Harry follows Sirius into the woods with Ron, Hermione and Snape in the background, Ron lifts his arm to hold onto Snape while looking over Snape’s shoulder.
  • While Hermione goes back in time, one can see the following people next to Ron’s bed: Dumbledore, Snape, Professor McGonagall, Filch, Mme Pomfrey.
  • Hermione is the first to be taken to the Hospital Wing, followed by Harry. It is Snape who brings Ron into the Hospital Wing after that. (The time-turning sequence shows this in reverse order!)
  • Ron says “Bloody hell” three times throughout the film.

Official Website

Filming: 17 February 2003 – 28 November 2003
Budget: $ 130 Million

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert’s favourite scene to film: being pulled into the tunnel by Sirius Black, although he “ate a lot of grass” while filming this scene.
  • Rupert was so fond of the rat who played Scabbers that he took it – and the stunt rat – home after completing the film. The rats came from a Berlin zoo and bits of fur had to be shaved off in order to make them look manky enough.
  • Rupert started playing golf with cast and crew while filming in Scotland.
  • Rupert and Dan tried to make a crazy golf course, with a six-foot windmill out of massive cardboard boxes.
  • Alfonso Cuarón asked the kids to wear their uniform the way their characters would wear them. Rupert did his “scruffy” and Dan’s was a bit tidier, whille Emma, being Hermione, was perfectly done up.
  • Rupert revealed that several “hug scenes” of him and Emma were cut, and that it was awkward to have so many hand-holding moments.
  • In order to acquaint himself with his three lead actors, director Alfonso Cuarón had each of them write an essay about their characters, from a first-person point of view. Emma Watson, in true Hermione fashion, went a little overboard and wrote a 16-page essay. Daniel Radcliffe wrote a simple one-page summary, and Rupert Grint never even turned his essay in.
  • A clause in Alfonso Cuarón’s contract forbade the director from cursing in front of the kids on set.
  • The rating in the Netherlands for this film is “not under 9”. This rating was created especially for the film, since it was judged to be too scary for 6 year olds and the next rating, “not under 12”, would exclude too much of the target audience.
  • Rowling said she “got goosebumps” when she saw several moments in the film, as they inadvertently referred to events in the final two books, she stated “people are going to look back on the film and think that those were put in deliberately as clues.”

Filming Locations

  • Borough Market, Stoney Street, London, UK (dark Muggle street with entrance to Leaky Cauldron, look out of Harry’s window at the Leaky Cauldron)
  • Dowding Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK (Little Whinging)
  • Fort William, Glen Coe, Scotland, UK (exterior Hagrid’s Hut)
  • Glen Coe near Clachaig Inn, Highland, Scotland, UK (Hagrid’s Hut)
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, Fort William, Scotland, UK (Hogwarts Express on Viaduct)
  • Glenfinnan, Highland, Scotland, UK (background for flying on Buckbeak scenes)
  • Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London, England, UK (Knight Bus sequence)
  • Lambeth Bridge, London, UK (Knight Bus passing in-between red Muggle busses on bridge)
  • Leavesden Studios, Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England, UK (studio shots)
  • Loch Shiel, Highland, Scotland, UK (Hogwarts lake)
  • Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, UK (studio shots)
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral, Ludgate Hill, London, UK (geometric staircase)
  • Virginia Water, Surrey, UK (Care of Magical Creatures class)

Cast (selection)

Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)
David Thewlis (Remus J. Lupin)
Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)
Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney)
Alan Rickman (Professor Severus Snape)
Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew)
Robbie Coltrane (Professor Rubeus Hagrid)
Michael Gambon (Professor Albus Dumbledore)
David Bradley (Argus Filch)


Directors: Alfonso Cuaron
Screenplay: Steve Kloves
Music: John Williams
Director of Photography: Michael Seresin
Production Designer: Stuart Craig
Costume Designer: Jany Temime
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Eithné Fennell, Amanda Knight
Special Make-Up Designer: Nick Dudman
Stunt Coordinator: Greg Powell
Dialogue Coach: Sandra Frieze
Editor: Steven Weisberg
Casting Director: Jina Jay
Stand-in Rupert Grint: David Decio

Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures, 1492 Pictures, Heyday Films, P of A Productions Limited
International Sales: Warner Bros. Pictures


Runtime: 141 min
MPAA Rating: PG (for frightening moments, creature violence and mild language)
Genre: Fantasy

Grosses: $ 795634069
USA: $ 249,541,069 (32,4%)
Other Countries: $ 546,093,000 (68,6%)
Widest Release: 3855 theatres
In Release: 178 days
Ranking Worldwide 2004: 6


WarnerBros. Pictures (theatrical USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina), Fox-Warner (theatrical Switzerland), Sandrew (theatrical Sweden), Village Films (theatrical Greece), Cinergia (theatrical Ukraine), Karo Premiere (theatrical Russia), IMAX (IMAX theatres worldwide), Warner Home Video (Video, DVD USA, Germany, Netherlands), Argentina Video Home (Video/DVD Argentina), ABC (TV USA)


World Premiere: 23 May 2004, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, USA
UK Premiere: 31 May 2004, Odeon Leicester Square, London, UK
General Release:

  • Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland/French speaking region, Philippines, Thailand: 2 June 2004
  • Germany, Switzerland/German speaking region, Egypt, Argentina, Malaysia, Peru: 3 June 2004
  • USA, UK, Canada, Austria, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland/Italian speaking region, Turkey,
  • Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, India, Kazakhstan, Singapore: 4 June 2004
  • Taiwan: 5 June 2004
  • Sweden, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates: 9 June 2004
  • Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand: 10 June 2004
  • Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Colombia, South Africa: 11 June 2004
  • Indonesia, Kuwait: 16 June 2004
  • Israel, Slovakia, Slovenia: 17 June 2004
  • Spain, Bulgaria: 18 June 2004
  • Lithuania: 25 June 2004
  • Japan: 26 June 2004
  • Hong Kong: 8 July 2004
  • South Korea: 16 July 2004
  • Panama: 23 July 2004
  • Portugal: 29 July 2004
  • Finland: 4 August 2004
  • Greece: 8 September 2004
  • China: 10 September 2004


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  • BAFTA Awards, Audience Award 2005 (winner)
  • BAFTA Children’s Award, Best Feature Film 2004 (winner)
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, PFCS Award, Best Live Action Family Film 2004 (winner)
  • Teen Choice Award, Choice Movie – Drama/Action Adventure 2004 (winner)
  • World Soundtrack Awards, Public Choice Award 2004 (winner)
  • Saturn Award, Best Fantasy Film 2005 (nomination)
  • Amanda Awards, Best Foreign Feature Film 2004 (nomination)
  • BAFTA Awards, Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film 2005 (nomination)
  • Critics Choice Award, Best Family Film (Live Action) 2005 (nomination)
  • Hugo Awards, Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form 2005 (nomination)
  • Kids’ Choice Awards, Blimp Awards, Favourite Movie 2005 (nomination)
  • People’s Choice Awards, Favourite Sequel 2005 (nomination)
  • Teen Choice Award, Choice Movie of the Summer 2004 (nomination)

Memorable Quotes

Ron: Looks more like a pig with hair if you ask me!

Ron: I felt weird though. Like I’d never be cheerful again.

Ron: Rrrrrroooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ron: Well, Harry’s got a sort of errr… wonky cross, that’s trials and suffering. And errr… that could be the sun, and that’s happiness. So you’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna be happy about it.

Ron: You’re supposed to stroke it!

Hermione: It’s meant to be the most haunted building in Britain. Did I mention that?
Ron: Twice.
Hermione: D’you want to move a bit closer?
Ron: Huh?!
Hermione: To the Shrieking Shack.
Ron: Actually I’m fine here.

Hermione: Oh, look who it is: Madam Rosmerta. Ron fancies her.
Ron: That’s not true!

Ron: She’s gone mental, Hermione has! I mean, not that she wasn’t always mental, but now it’s out in the open out for everyone to see!

Hermione: That felt good!
Ron: Not good. Brilliant!

Hermione: I think that means you owe someone an apology.
Ron: Right. Next time I see Crookshanks, I’ll let him know.
Hermione: I meant me!

Hermione: That looks really painful.
Ron: So painful. They err… they might chop it.
Hermione: I’m sure Madam Pomfrey will fix it in a heartbeat.
Ron: It’s too late. It’s ruined. It’ll have to be chopped off.

Ron: Nice doggy, nice doggy!

Ron: It’s Scabbers who did it.
Dumbledore: Scabbers?
Ron: It’s my rat, Sir. He’s not really a rat. Well, he was a rat, he was my brother Percy’s rat, but then they gave him an owl and I got…

Ron: What the bloody hell was that all about?!

Ron: How did you get there. I was talking to you there. Now you’re there!

Ron: Let the man through!

Rupert about Prisoner of Azkaban

“I did a really cool stunt on this one. It was like . . . I got dragged. They put this harness on my leg. It was when the dog dragged me into the tree. It was really fun.”
(Scholastic, 2003)

“There’s a lot of awkward hand-holding moments which is a bit weird but it is fun to do! And there were a few hugs as well which didn’t make the final cut – there was a lot of that sort of stuff.”
(CBBC Newsround 2004)


Film only
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Extras: none
ASIN (Region 1): B000W745CU (Fullscreen), B000W796OM/B0024NSG3E (Widescreen), B000Q6ZG5C (BlueRay)
ASIN (Region 2): B00288A1OW (Fullscreen), B00186E25Y (UMD Mini), B000X9MFE2/B00288A1P6 (BlueRay)

Ultimate Edition
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Extras: Disk 1: film (Theatrical version); Disk 2: Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 3: Magical Creatures, Tour Nick Dudman’s Creature Shop, An Interview in Spanish with Alfonso Cuarón, 3 Vintage TV Specials: The Magic Touch of Harry Potter; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Something Wicked This Way Comes; The Making of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Disk 3: extras from double-disk edition
Specials: 48-pages Photo Book, 2 Character cards (Hermione Granger, Sirius Black)
ASIN (Region 1): B003EYVY04 (DVD), B003EYVY0E (BluRay)
ASIN (Region-free): B005WIIMB4


Released 25 May 2004
Label: Warner Bros. Pictures
ASIN: B00020HEG6

  • Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme)
  • Aunt Marge’s Waltz
  • The Knight Bus
  • Apparition on the Train
  • Double Trouble
  • Buckbeak’s Flight
  • A Window to the Past
  • The Whomping Willow and the Snowball Fight
  • Secrets of the Castle
  • The Portrait Gallery
  • Hagrid the Professor
  • Monster Books and Boggarts!
  • Quidditch, Third Year
  • Lupin’s Transformation and Chasing Scabbers
  • The Patronus Light
  • The Werewolf Scene
  • Saving Buckbeak
  • Forward to Time Past
  • The Dementors Converge
  • Finale
  • Mischief Managed

A Winter’s Spell by John Williams
La Cumparsita performed by Alfred House Orchestra