“I used to watch Postman Pat when I was a small boy. My brother and sisters all did at some stage.” (Rupert Grint about Postman Pat)


Rupert Grint lent his voice to the character Josh in the animated film Postman Pat – You know you’re the one, based on the popular British TV series. The film celebrated its World Premiere at Leicester Square in London on 11 May 2014.

The Story

Postman Pat enters a TV talent show to win a trip to Italy for his family and finds his beliefs challenged by the people he meets on his journey.

Rupert’s character

Rupert voices Josh, a former boyband member and participant of the casting show, whose manager tries to sabotage Postman Pat’s chances of winning the talent show. Aside from his singing and dancing talents, Josh has a knack for videogames.

Trivia Information

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Recording: late 2011

Behind the Scenes

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Rupert Grint (Josh)
Stephen Mangan (Postman Pat)
David Tennant (Wilf)
Jim Broadband (CEO)
Robin Atkin Downes (Simon Cowbell)
Greg Ellis (Jimmy)
Susan Duerden (Sara Clifton)
Dan Hildebrandt (Ted Glenn)
Sandra Teles (Julian)
Ronan Keating (Postman Pat’s singing voice)
Peter Woodward (Carbunkle)
Enn Reitel (PC Selby/Reverend Timms)
T.J. Ramini (Ben Taylor)
Darren Richardson (Alf)


Director: Mike Disa
Screenplay: Kim Fuller, Annika Bluhm, Nicole Dubuc
Music: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Director of Production: Kerry Valentine
Visual Effects: Marc Steinberg (modelling supervisor)
Editor: Robert David Sanders

Producer: Robert Anich, Ceri Barnes, Annika Bluhm,
International Sales: Timeless Films, Intelligent Media

Postman Pat on

Runtime: 88min
Rating: U
Genre: Animation/Family


Entertainment One Benelux (Netherlands), Icon Film Distribution (UK), Lionsgate (UK), Shout! Factory (USA), Paramount Home Entertainment (USA), Vertigo Média Kft. (Hungary), NOS Audiovisuais (Portugal), PARLUX Entertainment (Romania)

Release Dates

UK/Ireland, Poland: 23 May 2014
Israel: 29 May 2014
Sweden: 13 June 2014
Netherlands: 18 June 2014
USA: 27 June 2014
Republic of Macedonia: 3 July 2014
Denmark: 31 July 2014
Norway: 1 August 2014
Finland: 8 August 2014
United Arab Emirates, Kuwait: 14 August 2014
Australia New Zealand: 16 August 2014
Turkey: 22 August 2014
Hungary: 4 September 2014
Estonia, Latvia: 5 September 2014
Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia: 11 September 2014
Iceland: 12 September 2014
Germany: 10 October 2014
Portugal: 23 October 2014
South Africa: 31 October 2014
Ukraine: 11 December 2014
Italy: 1 January 2015
more to be announced


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Memorable Quotes

Wilf: All the lessons and work are about to be… Josh, try to remember why we are here. What would I be today if I’d wasted my life on video games?
Josh: A talent agent with only one client?

Simon: Right, what have you got for us? Josh, is it?
Josh: I thought I’d sing a song.
Simon: Well, that’s refreshing and new.
Josh: I’ve had a few dancing lessons too.

Wilf: Well, if this is the best they’ve got, that recording contract is in the bag.
Josh: Was I supposed to bring a bag

Josh: Oh yeah, that was good! Ow, what’d you do that for?
Wilf: Don’t clap for your enemy.
Josh: But he’s good!

Wilf: Josh wears clothes nearly all the time. Don’t you Josh?
Josh: Yeah, usually…

Josh: Pat, your cat’s amazing, he’s already beaten Wilf’s high score! What’s his name?

Wilf: We have to up our game, Joshy boy. You need to be on fire at the finals next week. Charm them, make them love you.
Josh: Mmhm. Charm. Love. Got it.

Wilf: What he’s got a video game?
Josh: Oh yeah, and it’s great, Wilf! You deliver mail, have a cat and are nice to people. Every now and again, you can rescue a sheep. It’s the hottest game around. Totally massive

Josh: Wilf, you know, he’s actually pretty good. I’ll do my best. But how about we just let the best man win?

Josh: Please. Easiest game ever.

Josh: Looks like you’ve got something to sing for now. Doesn’t he, Wilf?

Rupert about Postman Pat

“I actually haven’t done the singing bit yet. I think it’s going to be a cover, but it might be something written for it, but I don’t know yet. Just hoping they’ve got good auto-tuning *laughs*.”

“Postman Pat was basically a huge part of my childhood. It was one of my favourite shows, and I was definitely going to do it ‘cause I love Postman Pat.”

“It’s fun, I think it’s good and very loyal to the Postman Pat I knew as well, so hopefully it’s going to be good fun.”
( Exclsuive Interview, September 2012)

“Basically, Postman Pat enters a talent show kind of thing, like X-Factor or Pop Idol that kind of thing. He learns that he’s actually got a really good singing voice. I’m kind of like his rival in the competition and I have this evil manager who’s always trying to sabotage Pat’s chance by doing all of these crazy things.”
( Exclusive Interview, September 2012)


US/Canada (ASIN: B00M2MTBD6)


released 19 May 2014 (ASIN: B00JLZVJTQ)

  • Please Mr. Postman – The Saturdays
  • Lovin’ Each Day – Ronan Keating
  • Lightning – Rupert Grint
  • With You – Ronan Keating
  • Big Time – Peter Gabriel
  • Really Happy Postman – Riley Friesen & Derek Mount
  • Signed Sealed Delivered – Ronan Keating
  • Everything to Me – Shane Filan
  • I Only Want To Be With You – Pixie Lott
  • Move My Way – The Vamps
  • One of These Days – Shane Filan
  • Lost Generation – Rizzle Kicks
  • It’s My Party – Jessie J
  • We Own The Night – The Wanted
  • The Promise – Girls Aloud
  • Score Suite – Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • Postman Pat – Riley Friesen & Derek Mount