Rupert Grint Filmography: Into the White
NOTE: This film carries the title “Cross of Honour” in the UK, but is otherwise known as “Into the White”. We are henceforth using the original title.

“He is a rebel and I won’t say that’s quite me. He is a bit fiery, augmentative and a bit annoying, so that’s not really me. But I look forward to playing him” (Rupert Grint about Into the White)

Directed by Oscar-nominee Petter Næss, Rupert Grint stars in the anti-war film Into the White as Robert Smith. With filming having taken place from 28 March to 16 May 2011 in Grotli, Norway and Trollhättan, Sweden, the film celebrated its World Premiere at Oslo Film Festival on 4 March 2012.

The Story

On 27 April 1940, German and British pilots shoot each other to the ground above the Norwegian wilderness. They happen to seek shelter in the same cabin and, despite their enmity, they must work together to survive, and develop relationships with each other.

Rupert’s character

Rupert plays Gunner Robert Smith, a rebellious British soldier from Liverpool. Having been shot down instead of enjoying a date with bartender Sheila, Smith repeatedly gets into arguments with the Germans during their time in the cabin.

Trivia Information

  • The film is based on the real-live events described in the book “Als wir vom Himmel fielen” by Horst Schopis, who is being portrayed by Florian Lukas.
  • Smith speaks with a Liverpudlian accent, as the character comes from Liverpool.
  • Smith can be heard swearing through the snowstorm before the two British soldiers are seen.

Production Blog

Filming: starting on 28 March 2011 to 16 May 2011
Budget: $ 15 Million

Behind the Scenes

  • Before they started filming, the cast made a tour to the original settings of the events depicted in the film
  • On their days off, the cast and crew went skiing and snowboarding near their hotel.
  • Rupert and the rest of the cast received a haircut prior to shooting. Rupert’s hair was also styled in curls and he had freckles painted on his face each day.
  • All costumes were based on the original uniforms, but received small details to personalise them and to give them more character. Rupert was the only one whose shoes and flying suit were not lined.
  • According to the script, Smith came from Liverpool, so Rupert put on a Liverpudlian accent for the film, which was just as difficult to understand on set as it is in the film.
  • All exterior scenes were shot near Grotli, Norway; while all interior scenes were filmed in a coolhouse in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Filming Locations

  • Grotli, Skjåk, Oppland, Norway (exterior shots)
  • Hjelle, Oppstryn, Norway (Norwegian Army Base shots)
  • Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
  • Djupvatnet, Stranda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
  • Trollhättan, Västra Götalands län, Sweden (interior shots)


Rupert Grint (Gunner Robert Smith)
Florian Lukas (Leutnant Horst Schopis)
David Kross (Unteroffizier Josef Schwartz)
Lachlan Nieboer (Captain Charles P. Davenport)
Stig Henrik Hoff (Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk)
Kim Haugen (Bjørn Gustavsen – Norwegian Snow Partol)
Knut Joner (Harald Gustavsen – Norwegian Ski Patrol)
Sondre Krogtoft Larsen (Kjell – Norwegian Snow Partol)
Morten Faldaas (Terje – Norwegian Snow Partol)


Director: Petter Næss
Screenplay: Ole Meldgaard, Dave Mango, Petter Næss
Music: Nils Petter Molvaer
Director of Photography: Daniel Voldheim
Production Designer: Udo Kramer
Costume Designer: Steffi Bruhn
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Kitty Kratschke
Stunt Consultant: Kristoffer Jørgensen
Editor: Frida Eggum Michaelsen
Casting Director UK: Debbie McWilliams

Producer: Valerie Edwina Saunders & Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Zentropa International Norway
International Sales: TrustNordisk


Runtime: 100min
Rating: 15 (for strong language)
Genre: Action/Drama/History


Metrodome (UK, Ireland), Kino Swiat (Poland), Golem (Spain, Andorra), Capelight Pictures (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg), Estin Film (Estonia), KT Film & Media (Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia), Film Europe (Czech Republik, Slovakia), Silver Box Ltd (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine), STG Multimedia Ldt. (Thailand), Vendetta (Australia, New Zealand)


Film Fest Oslo, 4 March 2012
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 11 August 2012
Oldenburg Filmfestival, 15/16 September 2012
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, 3 November 2012
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 9 November 2012
Les Arcs European Film Festival, 15/17 December 2012

Release Dates

Norway: 9 March 2012
New Zealand: 19 July 2012
Sweden: 29 August 2012
Spain: 31 August 2012
UK: 28 September 2012 (limited release)
Slovakia: 15 November 2012
Germany: 31 January 2013 (limited release)
Estonia: 14 February 2013
USA: 12 April 2013
Russia: 25 April 2013
Czech Republic, Ukraine: 2 May 2013
Brazil: 20 June 2013
Spain: 12 July 2013


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Best Sound Design, Amanda Awards 2012 (nomination)
Best Foreign Film, 2nd Place Audience Award, Traverse City Film Festival

Memorable Quotes

Smith: “Fuck the Third Reich”

Schopis: “Have I made myself clear?”
Davenport: “I think he has made himself perfectly clear, don’t you, Smith?”
Smith: “Short, but to the point, sir.”

Schopis: “Any questions?”
Smith: “Where’s the toilet?”
Schopis: “The toilet is over there, and then left. Here. Toilet paper.”
Smith: “That’s not toilet paper!”

Smith: “Me, Smith. You? Me, Smith. What’s your name?”

Smith: “So, Skunk. How do you like Norway?”

Smith: “Hey, Skunky? How come you’re not cold? Maybe you’re too fucking stupid to feel the cold?”

Smith: “Big bug doesn’t speak a word of English.”
Davenport: “You don’t speak German either, Smith.”

Schwarz: “It’s good.”
Smith: “This? It’s a fucking joke.”
Schwarz: “Makes strong.”
Smith: “What does that?”
Schwarz: “Germans usually can march for days on this.”
Smith: “Is that right? Germans don’t need much.”
Schwarz: “No.”
Smith: “Then how come you invaded Poland? Wasn’t Germany enough?”
Schwarz: “Halt dein Maul!”
Schopis: “Setzen, Schwarz. And you, go to your bed.”

Smith: “For gods sake, guys. We’re stuck in the shit now, talking about petty matters, and all we wanna do is get the hell out of here and back to our girls, right?”
Schopis and Schwarz: “What?”
Strunk: “Mädchen.”
Smith: “You do have girls in Germany, don’t you?”

Schopis: “But you had your luck with her?”
Smith: “Indeed, I won her! Well actually, she won me. See, I’m the local darts champion three times in a row. And then Sheila turns up and then pours me a pint and she says ‘Smith, I like you, and if you can beat me at darts tonight, I’m yours.'”
Schopis: “And did you beat her.”
Smith: “She beat me three times in a row, fair and square. Then, the day before we left, she slides this little piece of paper across the counter, just like that.”
Schwarz: “What did the note say?”
Smith: “‘Can’t wait for your game to improve. Come see me as soon as you get back. Love, Sheila.’ Then, you shot us down.”

Smith: “What about that big mug over there? Who’s the woman in his life?”
Schopis: “Strunk has a family. With three kids and a lovely wife.”
Smith: “Does he ever speak to her?”
Schopis: “Feldwebel Strunk makes his family very proud. He works for the family business, 2000 workers. And then he even volunteered for the German Luftwaffe.”
Smith: “Why did he volunteer?”
Schopis: “To serve his country.”
Smith: “And Hitler Junior? Who’s the love of your life? Your mother?”

Smith: “I need to take a piss. Oh come on, where would I run to?!”

Smith: “What kind of sausages do you eat? Anti-freeze? You win the pissing contest, Skunk, congratulations.”

Smith: “Are we seriously gonna eat moss?”
Schopis: “It is tasty and full of vitamins.”
Smith: “Food rule No 1: What’s full of vitamins tastes like shit.”

Smith: “A steak would be nice. We could try hunting.”
Schwarz: “You don’t like soup either.”
Smith: “I said the soup was okay, you stupid sod, all I’m saying is it would be nice with a steak. I suppose your old dad was a vegetarian, too.”
Schwarz: “I’m not a vegetarian!”
Smith: “Then how come you’re so slim?”

Smith: “Now point at one of Josef’s buttons.”
Schopis: “What?”
Davenport: “Point at one of Josef’s buttons.”

Smith: “…”
Schopis: “What?”
Smith: “Your permission to shit.”
Schwarz: “Ich muss mal kacken.”

Smith: “Reindeer. Reindeer, go and shoot them. Reindeer! Reindeer, go and shoot them! Fuck. Fucking hell. There were fifty reindeer right outside the fucking cabin! I know. They’ve gone now.”

Smith: “Hey, Josef. I have to say. Chapter two was a little rough on my arse.”

Davenport: “I strongly suggest you apologize.”
Smith: “Apologize for what?”

Smith: “Weapons to the floor. Now. And slide them over there.”
Davenport: “Nice work, Smith.”

Smith: “I’ve got a few questions. You lot have taken most of Europe. Not England, but most of Europe. How does that feel?”
Schopis: “I don’t know. I’m just a pilot.”
Davenport: “Then think harder.”
Schopis: “I feel sad.”
Davenport: “Then why did you do it?”
Schopis: “Orders?!”
Smith: “When do you think Hitler will be satisfied then? When he’s taken China?”
Schopis: “Maybe.”
Smith: “What the fuck does he want with China? They speak Chinese over there, for Christ’s sake!”
Schopis: “I guess you’re right.”

Schopis: “… We are here to protect the Norwegians from you.”
Smith: “What?!”
Schopis: “You want the land and more important, you want what is in it.”
Smith: “What the fuck would we want with this place?”

Strunk: “Nice Shooting.”
Smith: “Did you just speak?! Why the hell didn’t you say anything before, then?”
Strunk: “You never say anything interesting.”

Schopis: “We need to work together. We forget the guns, make us ceise fire and…”
Smith: “…and live like one big happy family?”

Smith: “We have to skin it, don’t we? Sir, you go hunting back home?”
Davenport: “Yes, but we have people to take care of this part, Smith.”

Davenport: “It’s dried meat.”
Schopis: “But why hide it there?”
Smith: “To stop you Germans from finding it. Can we have a drink now?”

Smith: “Cheers, Josef! Up, Liverpool!”

Davenport: “Come on, Smithy, they’re winning!”

Smith: “What should we do with the arm?”
Schopis. “I don’t know.”
Smith: “Get rid of it?”
Schopis: “You can’t, it belongs to Josef.”
Smith: “What would he want with it?”

Smith: “Oh, for fuck’s sake. Come here you. Can we please have a drink now?”

Schopis: “Tell us how you impressed this lovely Sheila.”
Smith: “No way.”
All: (chant) “Sheila, Sheila,…”
Smith: “All right. I showed her my cock and she fainted.”
Strunk: “Come on, Smith. Tell us. How did you do it?”
Smith: “Ok. I sang to her.”
Davenport: “You sang?”
Smith: “I got up on the bar, and I sang to everyone. And that did the trick.”
Schopis: “And what did you sing?”
Smith: “‘Over the rainbow’. From ‘The wizard of Oz’.”
Schopis: “Well, can we hear it?”
Smith: “No way.”
Davenport: “You can’t sing.”
Smith: “Yes, I can.”
Schopis: “So, come on. Sing!”
Smith: “I need a piss. No contest this time.”
All: “Liar!”

“Somewhere over the rainbow,
way up high,
there’s a land that I heard of
in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow,
skies are blue,
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true

Someday I wish upon a star
and wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
way above the chimney tops
that’s where you’ll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
blue birds fly,
bird fly over the rainbow,
why, oh why can’t I.”

Smith: “Where do these come from?”
Davenport: “Actually, I was saving these until we saw the sea. But now seems a more appropriate moment.”
Smith: “I can see the sea through these little tubes of the light.”
Davenport: “What?”
Smith: “I said ‘I can see the sea through these little tubes of the light.'”

Strunk: “Why should I talk to you about this? You’re a man without principles.”
Smith: “I have lots of principles. Wanna hear one?”
Strunk: “Hm.”
Smith: “‘Do whatever makes you happy.'”
Strunk: “What about responsibility?”
Smith: “What about the responsibility to be happy?”

Davenport: “Do you know how to ski, Smith?”
Smith: “I tried it once with my uncle when I was still little, sir.”
Davenport: “An expert. Excellent.”
Strunk: “I go with you.”
Smith: “Good.”

Smith: “Yes!”
Strunk: “Why did you say yes?”
Smith: “I won.”
Strunk: “You did not.”

Strunk: “I always wanted to be a painter.”
Smith: “Of course you have. Then go for it.”
Strunk: “What about money.”
Smith: “Go to Paris, and paint the tourists. Get a cheap room and become a bohemian. Girls like that.”
Strunk: “There’s a war on.”
Smith: “Yes, I know, Trunk!”
Strunk: “My father would be very disappointed.”
Smith: “Maybe not.”
Strunk: “You don’t know my father.”
Smith: “It seems he doesn’t know you either.”

Strunk: “I think we better go. I’m starting to like you.”

Strunk: “Am I going to fast for you?”
Smith: “No bloody way, you Sauerkraut! Rule Britannia, Britannia…”

Davenport: “Why.”
Smith: “Cause one day I’ll look up his family. Got a few things to tell them.”

Rupert about Into the White

“I chose this project because I love the script. It is a fresh story where I get to show new sides of myself. Hopefully I will get to know some new people as well, says the young man better known as Ron Weasley.”
(VG Nett March 2011)

“It was fun to do something else. No matter how much I enjoy playing the same character for ten years, it’s fun to loosen the tie a bit and play a hothead with an outdated teletubby suit.” Grint resorted to a Liverpool accent in order to get into character. “It was fitting for the part, the dialect sounds bit argumentative and angry. The only downside was the fact that no one could understand me, I had trouble understanding myself at times.”
(, March 2012)

“I liked the story and I’ve always been interested in the war.”
(, March 2012)

“It’s quite a different war film. I can point out the absurdity of war. By the end of it you’re not even thinking about war. It’s just about five men who are trying to survive and afterwards it’s all quite refreshing.”
(, March 2012)

“I’ve always been interested in the war and I think this was a very different kind of war film. In addition, I wanted to do something completely new, like filming in Norway under such extreme conditions. I expected it to be cold, but it was impossible to prepare yourself for weather which meant you couldn’t see or hear your costars.”
(, March 2012)

“He is a rebel and I won’t say that’s quite me. He is a bit fiery, argumentative and a bit annoying, so that’s not really me. But I look forward to playing him.”
( March 2011)

“Yeah, I play a quite frustrated and angry British pilot. He has a girl who’s waiting for him at home and it really doesn’t suit him that he has to sleep in the wilderness with the Germans…But I’ve never played such a role before. The character is so provocative and fiery, he’s very unlike myself.”
(, March 2012)

“I’m the complete opposite, actually. Laidback and slightly reserved. I don’t know how I would react in exactly that situation. But it was fun to play a guy like that.”
(, March 2012)


Into the White Norwegian DVD
Language: English/German/Norwegian
Subtitles: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
Extras: Interview/Presentation from Blåt Lærredet with Petter Naess, Peter Alberg Jensen, Lachlan Nieboer and Stig Henrik Hoff
ASIN (Region 2): B0098EONRA

Cross of Honour UK
Language: English/German/Norwegian
Subtitles: English
ASIN (Region 2): B008RXJMZG (DVD), B008RXJN2S (BluRay)

Into the White US
Language: English/German/Norwegian
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Extras: none
ASIN (Region 1): B00BWH6DK6 (DVD), B00BWH6DBA (BluRay)