Rupert Grint Filmography: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

“There are two stages. One is the try-outs where Ron is not very good and keeps getting hit in the face. Another stage is where Ron takes the potion and thinks he is really, really good. It’s quite tricky but I’ve really enjoyed it.” (Rupert Grint about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

Directed by David Yates, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince stars Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Filmed in Leavesden and on location throughout Britain in 2007/2008, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had its World Premiere at Marunouchi Piccadilly Movie Theater in Tokyo, Japan on 5 June 2009.

The Story

After another summer at the Burrow, Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts. Due to Draco Malfoy’s unusual behaviour, Harry suspects him of having become a Death Eater during the holidays.
At Hogwarts, Professor Slughorn has come out of his retirement to teach Potions and has revived his “Slug Club”, a group of talented, powerful and (eventually) influential students. Upon Professor Dumbledore’s orders, Harry does his best to become one of Slughorn’s favourites and to obtain a memory of Slughorn’s that will enable Harry and Dumbledore to discover one of Lord Voldemort’s secrets.
While Ron becomes Quidditch star and brings Hermione to tears when he starts dating classmate Lavender Brown, Harry struggles with his feelings for Ron’s sister Ginny and figuring out the identity of the previous owner of his Potions book, the “Half-Blood Prince”.
Draco Malfoy on the other hand is busy trying to fulfil the order Lord Voldemort has given him…

Rupert’s character

Despite an abysmal tryout, Ron joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but gives a spectacularly good performance during their first match against Slytherin. During the post-match celebrations, Ron starts kissing Lavender Brown, much to the shock and anger of Hermione Granger.
Despite being Lavender’s boyfriend, Ron finds himself “in love” with Romilda Vane after overdosing on love-potion induced sweets intended for Harry. Just when Professor Slughorn has cured Ron from his heartache, Ron accidentally gets poisoned by a drink meant for Professor Dumbledore…

Trivia Information

  • 5 footsteps can be heard before Ron’s head appears over the railing of the Burrow’s staircase.
  • The door in Ron’s room opens up to a balcony (as the stars are visible). In Goblet of Fire, there was a solid wall.
  • In the scene at the joke shop, Ginny appears to be wearing the same blouse that Hermione is wearing when Harry drinks Felix Felicis.
  • Leanne is a Hufflepuff.
  • In Potions, Ron lifts his eyebrows when Slughorn says “One sip (eyebrows up), and all your endeavours will succeed”.
  • When Harry is given the phial of Felix Felicis, Hermione’s tie is more crooked than Ron’s.
  • Ron and Nigel are the only ones wearing a helmet at the Quidditch tryouts.
  • Ron is the first of the trio to be served his Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks.
  • During the Quidditch match, Ron seems to leave his goalposts: when the Gryffindors are flying in formation, one of the players has the “2” on his cloak, which is Ron’s number.
  • When Ginny approaches Harry to tie his shoelace, Ron’s bag can be seen hanging on the railing (right behind Ginny).
  • In the hospital scene, Ron moves when Hermione rubs his hand.
  • There is cutlery and plates, but no food on the tables in the Great Hall when Ron asks Hermione and Harry about his breakup.
  • Romilda Vane and Cormac McLaggen are chatting when Draco enters the Great Hall right after Katie Bell’s return.
  • Several of the white Chess pieces from the first year ended up in the Room of Requirement: a knight, a bishop and the king.
  • Gryffindor has won the House Cup, followed by Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Official Website

Filming: 24 September 2007 – 17 May 2008
Budget: $ 250 Million

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert’s favourite scene to film: all Quidditch scenes, followed by the burning Burrow.
  • Jessie Cave beat over 7000 girls for the part of Ron’s girlfriend Lavender Brown. For her final audition, she had to improvise a scene with Rupert in the Common Room with a plate of biscuits. (can be seen on the Ultimate Editions DVD of Chamber of Secrets)
  • Rupert had been looking forward to filming the Quidditch scenes but was left with a sore butt and headaches from sitting on the broom and looking at green screens for hours. Before filming the Quidditch scenes, Rupert received a bit of trampoline training as he is not the most athletic person.
  • Rupert also supplied Ron’s voice for the videogame for Half-Blood Prince.
  • It took 10 takes to film the kissing scene. Dan admitted that he lost all professionalism and kept teasing Rupert that day.
  • Rupert’s Quidditch helmet is a painted and edited version of the Playmaker Gamebreaker rugby headgear.
  • Rupert was present at the final auditions for the part of Lavender, but did not have a say in the casting process.
  • Rupert addmitted that he made weird requests to James Phelps, who also worked as set assistant on the film.
  • Daniel Radcliffe said that he told Rupert that filming Quidditch wasn’t easy and not much fun, but was surprised that Rupert was a natural at filming and really talented.
  • It took eight takes to film the scene on the stairs at the twins shop (“How much is this?”…)
  • Rupert and Dan played a trick on Emma on the set of Knockturn Alley which involved a tattoo man. They could not stop laughing at Emma’s reaction.
  • Jany Temime revealed that the young stars felt really cool in their Quidditch outfits.
  • The froth coming from Ron’s mouth when he is being poisoned is egg white.

Filming Locations

  • Bjorli, Norway (winter scenes)
  • Cantax Hill, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK (Harry and Dumbledore visiting Slughorn)
  • Cape Wrath, Sutherland, UK (Cave scene)
  • Church Street, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK (Harry and Dumbledore visiting Slughorn)
  • Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland (cliffs outside the cave)
  • Farnham, Surrey, England, UK
  • Fort William, Glen Coe, Highland, Scotland, UK (Hogwarts Express scenes)
  • Glen Coe near Clachaig Inn, Highland, Scotland, UK (countryside)
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, Fort William, Highlands, Scotland, UK (countryside)
  • Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, UK (corridor scenes)
  • Lacock Abbey, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK (Harry and Dumbledore visiting Slughorn)
  • Leavesden Studios, Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England, UK (studio shots)
  • Lemon Rock, County Kerry, Ireland
  • Loch Arkaig, Highlands, Scotland, UK
  • Millenium Bridge, River Thames, London, England, UK (Muggle attack by Death Eaters)
  • Surbiton Station, Surbiton, Surrey, England, UK
  • The Angel, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK (Harry and Dumbledore visiting Slughorn)
  • Trafalgar Square, London, UK (Death Eater attack on Muggles)
  • West Street, Lacock, Wiltshire, England, UK (Harry and Dumbledore visiting Slughorn)

Cast (selection)

Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)
Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy)
Alan Rickman (Professor Severus Snape)
Michael Gambon (Professor Albus Dumbledore)
Jim Broadbent (Professor Horace Slughorn)
Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy)
Helena Bonham-Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)
Dave Legeno (Fenrir Greyback)
Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew)
Julie Walters (Molly Weasley)
David Thewlis (Remus Lupin)


Director: David Yates
Screenplay: Steve Kloves
Music: Nicholas Hooper
Director of Photography: Bruno Delbonnel
Production Designer: Stuart Craig
Costume Designer: Jany Temime
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Lisa Tomblin, Amanda Knight
Special Makeup Designer: Nick Dudman
Stunt Coordinator: Greg Powell
Editor: Mark Day
Casting Director: Fiona Weir

Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures, Heyday Films
International Sales: Warner Bros. Pictures


Runtime: 153 min
MPAA Rating: PG (for scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality)
Genre: Fantasy

Grosses: $ 929,359,401
USA: $ 301,959,197
Other Countries: $ 627,400,204
Widest Release: 4455 theatres
In Release: 156 days
Ranking Worldwide year: 3


Warner Bros. Pictures (theatrical USA, UK, Netherlands, Argentina, Japan, Singapore), Sandrew Metronome Distribution (all media Denmark, Finland), Karo Premiere (theatrical Russia), Village Films (theatrical Greece), 20th Century Fox (theatrical Malaysia)


Giffoni Film Festival 2009, Italy (12 July 2009)
Festival de Cinema en Valencià Inquiet (21 November 2009)


World Premiere: 6 July 2009, Marunouchi Piccadilly Movie Theater, Tokyo, Japan
UK Premiere: 7 July 2009, Odeon Leicester Square, London, UK
US Premiere: 9 July 2009, Ziegfield theatre, New York City, USA
General Release:

  • USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan: 15 July 2009
  • Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea: 16 July 2009
  • Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Turkey, India, Taiwan, South Africa, Venezuela, Mexico: 17 July 2009
  • Egypt: 22 July 2009
  • Hungary, Croatia, Lebanon: 23 July 2009
  • Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania: 24 July 2009
  • Armenia: 30 July 2009
  • Greece: 25 August 2009
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    • Teen Choice Awards, Choice Summer Movie – Drama/Action Adventure 2009 (winner)
    • Spike TV SCREAM Awards, Best Ensemble Award 2009 (Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe) (winner)
    • BBC Switch Live Awards, Favourite Flick of 2009 (winner)
    • Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, Best Live Action Family Film 2009 (winner)
    • Spike TV SCREAM Awards, Best Supporting Actor 2009(Rupert Grint) (nominated)
    • Spike TV SCREAM Awards, Best Fantasy Film 2009 (nominated)
    • Spike TV SCREAM Awards, Best Sequel 2009 (nominated)
    • Spike TV SCREAM Awards, Holy (Crap) Scene of the Year (nominated)
    • Satellite Awards, Best Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media 2009 (nominated)
    • People’s Choice Awards, Favorite Movie 2010 (nominated)
    • People’s Choice Awards, Favorite On-Screen Team (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson) 2010 (nominated)
    • Saturn Award, Best Fantasy Film 2010 (nominated)
    • BAFTA Film Award, Best Production Design 2010 (nominated)
    • BAFTA Film Award, Best Special Visual Effects 2010 (nominated)
    • MTV Movie Award, Best Movie 2010 (nominated)
    • Academy Award, Best Achievement in Cinematography 2010 (Bruno Delbonnel) (nominated)

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    Memorable Quotes

    Ron: Harry? Did someone say Harry?
    Ginny: Me, nosey. Is he up there with you?
    Ron: Of course not. I think I would know if my best friend were in my room, wouldn’t I?

    Ron: You got a bit of… toothpaste.

    Hermione: There’s been a lot of talk recently. That Dumbledore’s got a bit old.
    Harry: What rubbish! He’s only… What is he?
    Ron: A hundred and… fifty? Give or take a few.

    Ron: How much’s this?
    Fred & George: Five Galleons.
    Ron: How much for me?
    Fred & George: Five Galleons.
    Ron: I’m your brother!
    Fred & George: Ten Galleons!

    Ron: It’s a creepy shop, he’s a creepy bloke.

    Hermione: Will. You. Stop. Eating! Your best friend is missing!
    Ron: Oy! Turn around, you lunatic!

    Ron: Keepers need to be quick, agile.

    Ron: I have to admit, I thought I was going to miss that last one.

    Ron: Oh, bloody hell. Slick git.
    Hermione: Honestly, Ron, they’re only holding hands. And snogging.
    Ron: I’d like to leave.
    Hermione: What? You can’t be serious!
    Ron: That happens to be my sister!
    Hermione: So? What if she looked over here and saw you snogging me? Would you expect her to get up and leave?

    Professor McGonagall: Why is it, when something happens it is always you three?
    Ron: Believe me, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years!

    Ron: What do you suppose Dean sees in her. Ginny.
    Harry: What does she see in him.
    Ron: Dean? He’s brilliant.
    Harry: You called him a “slick git” not five hours ago.
    Ron: Yeah, well, he was running his hands all over my sister, wasn’t he? Something snaps. And you gotta hate him, you know. On principle.
    Harry: I suppose.
    Ron: So what is it he sees in her.
    Harry: I dunno. She’s smart, funny. Attractive.
    Ron: Attractive?
    Harry: You know, she’s got nice skin.
    Ron: Skin? You’re saying Dean’s dating my sister because of her skin?
    Harry: No, I mean, I’m just saying it could be a contributing factor.
    Ron: Hermione’s got nice skin. Wouldn’t you say – you know, as far as skin goes, I mean.
    Harry: I’ve never really thought about it. But yeah. Very nice. I’ll be going to sleep now.
    Ron: Yeah, right.

    Ron: Come on, Harry. We’ve got a game to win!

    Ron: I can’t help it if she’s got her knickers in a twist. What Lav and I have, well, let’s just say: it’s chemical. Will it last? Who knows. Whatever it is, I’m a free agent.

    Ron: Unbreakable Vow. You sure that’s what Snape said?
    Harry: Yeah. Why?
    Ron: It’s just… you can’t break an Unbreakable Vow.
    Harry: I… I’d worked that much out myself, funnily enough.
    Ron: You don’t understand. Oh, bloody hell!

    Ron: All she wants to do is snog me. My lips are getting chapped, look!

    Ron: It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The moon?

    Ron: Hello, darling. Fancy a drink?

    Ron: These girls, they’re gonna kill me!

    Ron: Her. My. Knee. Her-my-knee. Hermione.

    Rupert about Half-Blood Prince

    We all got on really well with David [Yates], so we were pleased he was coming back. Going through the script, he really listened to what we had to say about our characters, but he also offered a lot of help and guidance.
    “You sit on a broomstick for hours and it starts to hurt. It gives you a numb bum.”

    Al Murray: ”So, tell us what happens in the sixth movie?”
    Rupert: ”Dumbledore dies… Oops, I shouldn’t have said that! But it’s already there in the books!…”
    (An Evening with Al Murray 2009)

    “I’ve never done Quidditch in the films before so this is my first Quidditch experience. Dan says it’s really painful and I know where he’s coming from because it’s quite uncomfortable, with the harness and stuff, and you’re getting slung about. There are two stages. One is the try-outs where Ron is not very good and keeps getting hit in the face. Another stage is where Ron takes the potion and thinks he is really, really good. It’s quite tricky but I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m always on a wire because the broom is quite high up, about 18 feet.”
    (MSN UK, July 2009)

    “This one was actually okay because my relationship with Jessie [Cave, who plays Ron’s love interest] was quite fun and she was really over the top and quite intense. But it was an awkward scene to do because we’d only met each other two days before. One of the first scenes we did was the kissing one.”
    (Wizarduniverse.com, July 2009)


    Double-disk Edition
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Extras: Deleted Scenes, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, A year in the life, close-up feature with the cast, One-Minute Drills, “What’s on your mind?”
    ASIN (Region 1): B000ZECQ08 (2-Disk Limited Special Edition DVD), B000ZELISO (BlueRay), B002PMV9K6 (Full Screen), B002PMV9FG (Widescreen)
    ASIN (Region 2): B002CYIQYO (DVD), B002CYIQYE (BlueRay)

    Ultimate Edition
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Extras: Disk 1: film (Theatrical version); Disk 2: Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 6: Magical Effects, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Behind the Magic, Featurette Gallery: 14 Short Segments That Unlock More Moviemaking Secrets, Gallery of Five Distinctive Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ABC Family Promo Spots, Theatrical Trailers ; Disk 3: extras from double-disk edition
    Specials: 44-pages Photo Book, Lenticular Card, 2 Character cards (Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore)
    ASIN (Region 1): B004P9FAL6 (DVD), B004P9FAK2 (BluRay)
    ASIN (Region-free): B005WIIMP0


    Released 7 July 2009
    Label: New Line Records
    ASIN: B0028EQMW6

    • Opening
    • In Noctem
    • The Story Begins
    • Ginny
    • Snape & the Unbreakable Vow
    • Wizard Wheezes
    • Dumbledore’s Speech
    • Living Death
    • Into the Pensieve
    • The Book
    • Ron’s Victory
    • Harry & Hermione
    • School!
    • Malfoy’s Mission
    • The Slug Party
    • Into the Rushes
    • Farewell Aragog
    • Dumbledore’s Foreboding
    • Of Love & War
    • When Ginny Kissed Harry
    • Slughorn’s Confession
    • Journey to the Cave
    • The Drink of Despair
    • Inferi in the Firestorm
    • The Killing of Dumbledore
    • Dumbledore’s Farewell
    • The Friends
    • The Weasley Stomp