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“Nothing’s final yet but I’m quite up for it. It’s always been quite a big story in my family. My dad’s always told me about the legend of Eddie the Eagle. He was a bit of a joke really. But he did actually jump, and set the British record.” (Rupert Grint about Eddie the Eagle)

Directed by Declan Lowney, Rupert Grint is currently in negotiations to star as Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards in the biographical film Eddie the Eagle. A production date has yet to be announced.

The Story

Michael Edwards, better known as “Eddie the Eagle”, was the first and only British ski jumper to participate in the Olympic games. After missing out on joining the British Downhill Skiing team for the Olympics in 1984, Eddie began training as a ski jumper, despite being too heavy, too short-sighted and too poor to reach a top spot in the ranking, and eventually ended up last in both competitions during the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada. While he trained in Finland under Chuck Berghorn, worked at a hospital for mental people to have money, slept in car parks and ate food from the trash. Despite all this, he did reach his dream of competing at the Olympic games, and is to this day the British record holder.

Rupert’s character

Rupert is meant to star as Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, who participated in the Olympics in 1988 despite not being a professional ski jumper. Born in Cheltenham, Eddie initially was a downhill ski racer, but after not making the Olympic team in 1984, switched to ski jumping. Struggling with all sorts of obstacles on his way to the Olympic games in Calgary, he eventually participated in the competition despite his fogged-up glasses, but ended up last in both competitions.

Trivia Information

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    Filming: 2011
    Budget: $ 15 Million

    Behind the Scenes

  • Initially, comedian Steve Coogan was considered for the part, but eventually replaced by Rupert. As Eddie himself did not like the first draft of the script, it had to be re-written.
  • Eddie himself described the choice of Rupert Grint in the title role as “excellent casting”.
  • Rupert learnt a lot about Eddie’s story from his father.
  • Rupert Grint thought it would help his performance that he had never been skiing before, however, he has been skiing while on the set of Into the White
  • Filming Locations

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada (unconfirmed)
  • Cast

    Rupert Grint (Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards) (attached)
    more to be announced


    Director: Declan Lowney
    Screenplay: Simon Kelton, Sean Macaulay
    Music: to be announced
    Director of Photography: to be announced
    Production Designer: to be announced
    Costume Designer: to be announced
    Hair & Make-Up Designer: to be announced
    Special Makeup Designer: to be announced
    Stunt Coordinator: to be announced
    Dialogue Coach: to be announced
    Editor: to be announced
    Casting Director: to be announced

    Producer: Seville Productions, Silver Screen International, World Film Services
    International Sales: to be announced

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    Runtime: to be announced
    Rating: to be announced
    Genre: to be announced


    Contender Entertainment Group (UK), Sevilla Pictures (Canada)


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    Release Dates

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    Memorable Quotes

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    Rupert about Eddie the Eagle

    “He was a very brave guy. He must have been, to do what he did. My father always talked about him. He was a bit crazy as well.”
    (ba.no, March 2012)

    “Of course it is a fantastically good story. I remember my dad paying a lot of attention to him and he told me a lot about Eddie “The Eagle”. People laughed at him a lot but what he did in terms of ski jumping was quite remarkable. You have to remember that he was extremely nearsighted and wore very thick glasses, yeah, he was almost blind. And he tackled major ski slopes with practically no training, and actually landed. He was a pretty brave guy, I must say.”
    (aftenposten.no, March 2012)

    “He’s an amazing guy and it’s a great story as well. I’m really excited about it, it’s a really good character and should be really fun,”
    (BBC Newsbeat, February 2011)


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