Rupert Grint Filmography: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

“My part really improves. It’s more complicated. Ron has a total freak-out, and gets jealous and angry. There’s a lot of paranoia and grief, and he falls in love. It’s quite a big moment for him.” (Rupert Grint about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Directed by David Yates, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows stars Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. Filmed in Leavesden and on location throughout Britain in 2009/2010, the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 took place at Leicester Square, London, on 11 November 2010.

The Story

Shortly after Professor Dumbledore’s death, rumours about his past begin to spread around the wizarding community…
When the Order of the Phoenix takes Harry Potter away from the Dursleys, they are attacked by Death Eaters: some Order members are injured, some are killed.
Having been remembered in Dumbledore’s will, Harry, Ron and Hermione prepare to look for Lord Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes instead of returning to Hogwarts.
When the Death Eaters invade the Ministry of Magic and subsequently attack the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour, Harry and his friends escape and hide at 12 Grimmauld Place, where they learn more about the locket Horcrux from the old house elf Kreacher.
Having obtained the locket when breaking into the Ministry of Magic, Harry, Ron and Hermione are discovered and forced to go on the run. After weeks without progress in finding more Horcruxes or destroying the locket, Ron leaves his friends when the locket’s powers increase his fear, frustration and anger.
To find out more about Albus Dumbledore’s past, and hoping to find another Horcrux, Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow, but step into Lord Voldemort’s trap and barely manage to escape.
With Ron’s return, the destruction of the locket and Gryffindor’s sword in their hands, Harry, Ron and Hermione learn about the legend of the Deathly Hallows from Luna’s father Xenophilius Lovegood and figure out what Lord Voldemort is after. They continue their undercover search for the Horcruxes until they are found by Voldemort’s followers, and taken right into the Death Eater’s lair…

Rupert’s character

Finally aware of his feelings, Ron tries to win Hermione’s heart during their summer at the Burrow. When his brother’s wedding is interrupted by Death Eaters, Ron, Harry and Hermione flee and go on a search for Lord Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes.
Unable to destroy the locket Horcrux during the months spent undercover, Ron is affected by its powers while wearing it and, under its influence, leaves his friends after a brawl, but returns just in time to safe Harry from the locket’s powers.

Trivia Information

  • In the film, Ron appears on screen before Molly and Ginny. In the credits in order of appearance, Rupert is listed after Julie Walters and Bonnie Wright.
  • The first death occurs before the 5-minute-mark, at 4:45min into the film.
  • Despite being a natural ginger, Domnhall Gleeson had to have his hair dyed because it was “too dark” to be Weasley red.
  • Upon the arrival at the Burrow, Ron is the only fake Harry who does not immediately take off the glasses (not counting the injured George).
  • Both Hermione’s home and the ‘new’ Burrow are coloured purple.
  • When the trio disapparates from the Wedding, Ron holds Hermione’s right hand and Harry her left. When they appear at Shaftesbury Avenue in front of the bus, Ron and Harry have switched places.
  • After the attack in the café, you can see the Deluminator also switching off the TV.
  • In the scene in the café, all three main characters wear striped sweaters. Both Ron’s and Harry’s have V-necks.
  • On the Hogwarts Express, you can see Cormac McLaggen, Lavender Brown, Cho Chang and Romilda Vane sharing a table: All four have had a crush on a member of the trio in the past.
  • Dobby says to Ron: “Master Weasley! So good to see you again.” In the films, Ron and Dobby never met before this scene.
  • In the shot of the trio asleep at Grimmauld Place, you can see Ron’s backpack and clothes next to his head.
  • Upon entering the Ministry in disguise, you can see Ron/Reg stop walking when the Snatchers grab a man from the crowd.
  • Ron/Reg suggests to Yaxley to “use an umbrella” against the rain in his office. In a deleted scene, Arthur Weasley suggests the same thing.
  • When Ron leaves, you can see his red shirt hanging in the tent.
  • When Harry turns the page of the photo album in Bathilda’s house, you can see two images: on the right is a picture of two young men – Albus and Gellert Grindelwald, to the right is the image of a girl – Ariana Dumbledore: the same picture of her is seen at Aberforth’s home in Deathly Hallows Part 2.
  • In the scene in the tent after Ron’s return, Ron wears the shirt he wore at Grimmauld Place when Dobby and Kreacher arrived; Hermione wears the jacket she wore when Ron left them; Harry wears the shirt from the night he danced with Hermione.
  • At Malfoy Manor, Ron disarms Bellatrix Lestrange, becoming the rightful owner of her wand.
  • When Harry throws the wand to Ron before Dobby takes them away, Ron catches it with his left hand despite being right-handed.

Official Website

Filming: starting 19 February 2009 for 56 weeks until 12 June 2010
Budget: $ 250 Million (Deathly Hallows 1+2)

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert’s favourite Scene to film:
  • The actors who play the trio during the Polyjuice transformation to get into the Ministry of Magic met Rupert, Emma and Dan prior to the shoot to copy their mannerisms so they could adopt them for their own scenes.
  • During filming, Rupert caught the swine flu and had to take off a few days to convalesce. He earned the nickname “Pigboy Heart Attack” for this.
  • The final scene filmed was the one when they jump into the fireplace when leaving the Ministry of Magic
  • Rupert had to be sent out by Emma when she shot her kiss with Daniel. Rupert did not have anything to act against when filming the Locket scene.
  • Rupert revealed that he wore four hairpieces in scenes later on in the film to make his hair look wilder, as it would after being on the run for a few months.
  • While imitating his walk for the Seven Potters sequence, Dan discovered that Rupert has “a very sexy hip wriggle” when walking

Filming Locations

  • Bovingdon airfield in Hertfordshire, England (Hagrid and Harry driving Sirius’ motorbike)
  • Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (Forest scenes)
  • Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK (Shell Cottage scenes)
  • Leavesden Studios, Leavesden, Hertfordshire,
    England, UK
  • Mersey Tunnels, Liverpool, UK (Seven Potters chase)
  • Piccadilly Circus, Piccadilly, London, England, UK (Cafe attack scenes)
  • Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  • Shaftesbury Avenue, London, England, UK (walking around London after the wedding attack)



Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)
Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort)
Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy)
Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy)
Helena Bonham-Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)
Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew)
Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood)
David Thewlis (Remus Lupin)
Brendan Gleeson (Alastor Moody)
Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley)
John Hurt (Mr. Ollivander)
Jamie Campbell Bower (Young Gellert Grindelwald)


Directors: David Yates
Screenplay: Steve Kloves
Music: Alexandre Dumas
Director of Photography: Eduardo Serra
Production Designer: Stuart Craig
Costume Designer: Jany Temime
Hair & Make-Up Designer:
Makeup Effects Designer: Nick Dudman
Stunt Coordinator: Gary Powell
Editor: Marc Day
Casting Director: Fiona Weir

Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures, Heyday Films
International Sales: Warner Bros. Pictures


Runtime: 146min
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy

Grosses: $955,417,476
USA: $295,001,070 (30.9%)
Other Countries: $660,416,406 (69.1%)
Widest Release: 4,125 theatres
In Release: 140 days
Ranking Worldwide 2010: 3


Warner Bros. theatrical (USA, Canada, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Singapore), Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal (Portugal), Village Films (2010) (Greece), Sandrew Metronome Distribution (Denmark, Finland), Argentina Video Home (Argentina), ABC Family (2013) (USA) (TV)

World Premiere: Leicester Square, London, 11 November 2010
US Premiere: New York, 15 November 2010
Japan Premiere: Tokyo, 15 November 2010
General Release:

  • Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Kuwait, Mexico/limited, Netherlands, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey: 17 November 2010
  • Argentina, Australia, Colombo, Crotia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Kazachstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland/German region, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates: 18 November 2010
  • USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Bulgaria, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan: 19 November 2010
  • Serbia: 21 November 2010
  • France, Switzerland/French region: 24 November 2010
  • Hungary: 25 November 2010
  • Georgia, South Africa, Vietnam: 26 November 2010
  • Armenia: 4 December 2010
  • Hong Kong, South Korea: 16 December 2010
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    • Academy Awards, Oscar for Best Achievement in Art Direction 2011 (nomination)
    • Academy Awards, Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual Effects 2011 (nomination)
    • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, Saturn Award, Best Fantasy Film 2011 (nomination)
    • BAFTA Awards, BAFTA Film Award, Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects 2011 (nomination)
    • BAFTA Awards, BAFTA Film Award, Best Make Up/Hair 2011 (nomination)
    • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Critics Choice Award, Best Makeup 2011 (nomination)
    • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Critics Choice Award, Best Visual Effects 2011 (nomination)
    • Empire Awards, Empire Award, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy 2011 (winner)
    • Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, Sierra Award, Best Family Film 2010 (nomination)
    • MTV Movie Awards, MTV Movie Award, Best Fight 2010, Rupert Grint, Arben Bahraktaraj, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rod Hunt – Harry, Hermione and Ron vs. the Death Eaters (nomination)
    • MTV Movie Awards, MTV Movie Award, Best Movie 2010 (nomination)

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    Memorable Quotes

    Harry: No, if you think I’m gonna let everyone risk their lives for me…
    Ron: Never done that before, have we?!

    Ron: Always the tone of surprise…

    Ron: For you? You think Mad-Eye died for you? You think George took that curse for you? You may be the Chosen One, mate, but this is a while lot bigger than that. It’s always been bigger than that.

    Ron: …and leave Hermione?! You’re mad! We wouldn’t last two days without her… Don’t tell her I said that.

    Ron: D’you think he knows? I mean, they’re bits of his soul, these Horcruxes; bits of him. And when Dumbledore destroyed the ring, and you destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary, he must have felt something.

    Ron: Dumbledore left this for me?
    Scrimgeour: Yeah.
    Ron: Brilliant. What is it?

    Ron: Mum used to read me those. The Wizard and the Hopping Pot, Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump… come on… Babbitty Rabbitty… no?!

    Woman: Coffee?
    Hermione: A cappuccino, please?
    Ron: What she said.

    Ron: This is Dolohov. I recognise him from the ‘Wanted’ posters. So what are we gonna do with you, eh?

    Dobby: Master Weasley! So good to see you again!
    Ron: Wicked trainers!

    Harry: This is completely mental.
    Hermione: Completely.
    Ron: The world’s mental. Come on. There’s a Horcrux to fin.

    Ron: We flush ourselves in? That’s bloody disgusting!

    Yaxley: Cattermole? It’s still raining inside my office. It’s two days now.
    Ron/Cattermole: Did you try an umbrella?

    Ron/Cattermole: Oh my god, what am I gonna do? My wife’s all alone downstairs.

    Mary: That’s Harry Potter.
    Ron/Cattermole: It is indeed. That’ll be one to tell the kids.

    Reg: What’s that?
    Ron: Long story. Nice meeting you!

    Harry: There’s only one problem…
    Ron: The sword was stolen. Yeah. I’m still here. Carry on, don’t let me spoil the fun.
    Harry: What’s wrong?
    Ron: Wrong? Nothing’s wrong. Not according to you anyway.
    Harry: Look, if you’ve got soemthing to say, don’t be shy. Spit it out.
    Ron: Alright, I’ll spit it out. But don’t expect me to be grateful just because there’s another damn thing we’ve got to find.

    Ron: D’you know why I listen to that radio every night here? To make sure I don’t hear Ginny’s name, or Fred, or George, or Mum…
    Harry: Do you think I’m not listening too? You think I don’t know how this feels?!
    Ron: You don’t know how this feels! Your parents are dead! You have no family.

    Ron: And you? Are you coming or are you staying? … Fine. I get it. I saw you two the other night.

    Harry: Hermione?
    Ron: Are you mental?!
    Harry: It was you?
    Ron: Well, yeah. Bit obvious, I think.
    Harry: And you cast the doe as well, did you?
    Ron: No. I thought you did.
    Harry: My Patronus is a stag.
    Ron: Yeah, right. Antlers.

    Ron: Hey!

    Hermione: Don’t think that changes anything.
    Ron: Of course not! I only just destroyed a bloody Horcrux, why would that change anything?!

    Harry: How did you find us?
    Ron: With this. It doesn’t just turn off lights. I don’t know how it works, but Christmas morning I was sleeping in this little pub, keeping awayfrom some Snatchers, and I heard it.
    Harry: It?
    Ron: A voice. Your voice, Hermione. Coming out of it.
    Hermione: And what exactly did I say, if I may ask?
    Ron: My name. Just my name. Like a whisper. So I took it, clicked it, and this tiny ball of light appeared. And I knew, sure enough, it floated towards me – the ball of light – and right to my chest, straight through me, right here. I knew it would take me where I needed to go, so I disapparated and came to this hillside. It was dark, I had no idea where I was. I just hoped that one of you would show yourself – and you did.

    Ron: I’ve always liked there slames Hermione makes. How long do you thing she’ll stay mad at me?
    Harry: Hmm… Just keep talking about that little ball of light touching your heart.

    Hermione: But this, this means something. I’m sure of it.
    Ron: Yeah, Hermione’s right. We ought to see Lovegood. Let’s vote on it. Those in favour…

    Hermione: ‘There were once three brothers who were travelling a lonely winding road at twilight…’
    Ron: Midnight. Mum always said midnight. … Twilight’s fine. Better, actually.

    Ron: Let’s get out of here. I’m not drinking any more of that stuff, hot or cold.

    Ron: Don’t touch her!

    Harry: Right, Dobby. I want you to take Luna and Mr. Ollivander…
    Ron: Shell Cottage, on the outskirts of Tinworth. Trust me.

    Ron: Like Hell!

    Rupert about Deathly Hallows Part 1

    “I was thinking about what it’s going to be like when we’re done, after the last movie,” Grint said. “It is going to be really weird, actually. At the moment it seems quite far away. I don’t know what I’m going to do, really. I’m going to miss it, I think, because it’s been my whole life for a long time. I really enjoy it as well, every year we’ve come back and done it. All of this, this is what I know…”

    It felt like the last day at school, packing up all the stuff in my dressing room, all the old toys still there from when I was 11: I’d underestimated how emotional it would be. We all cried.

    “There are hardly any lighter moments in this one,” Grint said in a recent @ The Movies interview. “It’s probably because of the nature of the new environment they’re in and that Voldemort’s back to get Harry. It’s a really dangerous world now and characters are dying. It makes you realize that our characters are not kids anymore.”
    (The Boston Channel November 16th, 2010)


    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Extras: Additional scenes, The Seven Harrys: See How Daniel Radcliffe Re-created the Personalities of the Multiple Harrys in the Privet Drive Scene, On the Green with Rupert, Tom, Oliver, and James, Dan, Rupert, and Emma’s Running Competition, The Frozen Lake, Godric’s Hollow and The Harry and Nagini Battle, Behind the soundtrack
    ASIN (Region 1): B004WO774M (DVD), B001UV4XI8 (BluRay)
    ASIN (Region 2): B004WSX2GA (DVD), B003U9VLL0 (BluRay)

    Film only
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Extras: none
    ASIN (Region 1): B001UV4XHY,
    ASIN (Region 2): B003U9VLKG

    Ultimate Edition
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Extras: Disk 1: film (Theatrical version); Disk 2: Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 7: Story, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: Behind the Magic, Harry Potter: On The Road, The Return of the Order (Comcast), Scabior and Greyback (Comcast), Dobby’s Farewell (Comcast), The Look of Bill Weasley (Comcast), The Weasleys (Digital), The State of Evil (Digital), The New Guys (Digital), One Book, Two Movies (Digital), The Wizarding Prop Shop (Digital), The Seven Harrys, On The Green with Rupert, Tom, Oliver, and James, Dan, Rupert and Emma’s Running Competition, Godric’s Hollow/Harry Nagini Battle, The Frozen Lake, Deleted Scenes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Sneak Peek, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” Promotional Trailer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1:Behind the Sound track, Teaser Trailer, Theatrical Trailer ; Disk 3: extras from double-disk edition
    Specials: 48-pages Photo Book, 2 Character cards
    ASIN (Region 1): B009H42GWU
    ASIN (Region-free): B00F9442KQ


    Released 16 November 2010
    Label: Water Tower Music
    ASIN: B0043URV8M

    • Obliviate
    • Snape to Malfoy Manor
    • Polyjuice Potion
    • Sky Battle
    • At the Burrow
    • Harry and Ginny
    • The Will
    • Death Eaters
    • Dobby
    • Ministry of Magic
    • Detonators
    • The Locket
    • Fireplaces Escape
    • Ron leaves
    • The Exodus
    • Godric’s Hollow Graveyard
    • Bathilda Bagshot
    • Hermione’s Parents
    • Destroying the Locket
    • Ron’s Speech
    • Lovegood
    • The Deathly Hallows
    • Captured and Tortured
    • Rescuing Hermione
    • Farewell to Dobby
    • The Elder Wand