Rupert Grint Filmography: Come fly with me

“I’m playing myself. Just myself really, at an airport.” (Rupert Grint about Come fly with me)

Directed by Paul King, Come Fly With Me stars Rupert Grint alongside comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Williams as various staff members of the flight company FlyLo. A BBC production first aired in late 2010 and early 2011, Come Fly With Me is a six-part series playing at an airport.

The Story

Come Fly With Me is a six-part comedy series filmed as a documentary playing at an airport and showing various situations with the staff of flight company FlyLo and various guest appearances.

Rupert’s character

Rupert Grint plays himself at the airport and meets ground crew Taaj Manzoor, whose secret ambition is to work in the film industry, and who gives Rupert a script for the film he is planning to make…

Trivia Information

  • The tshirt Rupert wears in the scene is his own shirt.
  • The title of Taaj’s film is ‘Future Cop 2000’

Official Website

Filming: 4 September 2010 at Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert revealed to at the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Press Call that he plays himself.
  • Rupert was approached by Matt Lucas and David Walliams to appear in the series and, being a fan of ‘Little Britain’ himself, immediately accepted.
  • Rupert revealed that it was difficult to play himself for the first time instead of another character.
  • The scene Rupert appears in is based on a real-life situation where Matt Lucas was given a script to pass on to David Walliams.


Rupert Grint (Rupert Grint)
Matt Lucas (Taaj, Keeley, Fearghal)
David Walliams (Ian, Melody, Lee)


Directors: Paul King
Writer: Matt Lucas, David Walliams
Producer: Adam Tandy


Runtime: 30 minutes
Broadcast: Thursday, 6 January, 9pm on BBC and Friday, 7 January, 11.30pm on BBC HD
Distributor: BBC Worldwide (worldwide), Comedy Central Deutschland (German TV), Polyband (German DVD), HBO Hungary (Hungary), WOWOW Prime (Japan)


  • BAFTA TV Award 2011, Best Comedy Programme (nomination)
  • British Comedy Awards 2011, Best Sketch Show (nomination)
  • Royal Television Society, RTS Craft & Design Award 2011, Best Make-Up Design: Entertainment & Non-Drama (winner)


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Memorable Quotes

Taaj: Rupert! Rupert! Is that Rupert Grint, isn’t it?
Rupert: Rupert Grint, yeah.

Taaj: I love Harry Potter man, but I never realised you actually look like that. I thought your face was all CGI, wasn’t it?

Taaj: …and I downloaded that film ‘Driving School’…
Rupert: Did you enjoy it?
Taaj: Well, I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. It was just you and Julie Walters talking, there was no kissing, so that’s nothing. You could have at least have done sex on her.
Rupert: I think it’s a really good film.
Taaj: No, me and my brother didn’t like it.

Rupert: I’m picking up my case. Nice to meet you.

Taaj: I’ve written a movie script!
Rupert: Right…
Taaj: Yeah, it’s called ‘Future Cop 2000’, right, and I’m gonna star in it, but I need a really brilliant, young British actor to play the enemy…
Rupert: Thanks
Taaj: …so can you give that to Daniel Radcliffe?

Taaj: I’m shaking, man. That is the actual Ron Weasels!

Rupert about Come fly with me

“Matt Lucas and David Walliams contacted me themselves to play in one of their episodes. I’ve always been a big admirer of their TV series ‘Little Britain’, I think they’re very funny. So I didn’t wait for a second to join them. Anyway, it wasn’t easy to play myself. What they asked me to do was very different to what I usually have to do. I’ve always played a role behind which I could hide myself, here I had to expose myself.”

“I’m playing myself. Just myself really, at an airport.”
(to at Deathly Hallows Part 1 PressCall)


Series 1 DVD
Language: English
ASIN (Region 1): B006K10WII (DVD)
ASIN (Region 2): B004H0OAXC (DVD), B005EXHPCY (BluRay)