Rupert Grint Filmography: Cherrybomb

“It does deal with modern issues, like drugs and it is a coming-of-age story – especially for my character, because I grow out of that lifestyle and realise there’s more to life than messing about.” (Rupert Grint about Cherrybomb)

Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn, Cherrybomb stars Rupert Grint as Malachy McKinney alongside Kimberley Nixon, Robert Sheehan and James Nesbitt. Filmed in and around Belfast in 2008, Cherrybomb had its World Premiere at the Babylon theatre in Berlin on 8 February 2009.

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The Story

Malachy and Luke are best friends – albeit from different backgrounds: Malachy does well at school, works at the local Titanic Leisureplex and has caring parents, while Luke has to take care of his alcoholic dad Smiley and sell drugs for his brother Chris to be allowed to live in Chris’ house.
When Michelle moves back from London to live with her dad, Malachy’s Leisureplex boss Dave Crilly, the boys begin to compete for her affections. Feeling neglected by her dad who does not have time for her due to his secret affair with Michelle’s best friend Donna, Michelle encourages Malachy and Luke to top each other with increasingly more dangerous and illegal tasks.
Just as Malachy is about to win the competition, bad timing on Crilly’s part drives Michelle and the two boys to plan the ultimate rebellion: an illegal party at the Titanic Leisureplex – with a fatal ending…

Rupert’s character

Malachy McKinney is an intelligent sixteen year-old from Belfast who works at the Titanic Leisureplex, succeeds at school without trying too hard, and has a good relationship with his parents. As his friendship with Luke suggests, however, Malachy also has a naughty and more subversive side, and is at a point where he wants to become more independent.
When he meets Michelle and falls head over heels for her, he starts taking risk and outdoing his best friend’s actions. Unaware that he is more like family to Luke than Luke’s own father and brother and that Luke needs Malachy more than the other way around, Malachy is even willing to leave Luke to stay with Michelle…

Trivia Information

  • The film begins with the ending scene, and Malachy is the first and last character to be seen.
  • The story begins on a Friday and ends the following Monday.
  • There are six polaroids of Malachy and Luke above Luke’s bed, and ten above Malachy’s. Malachy has a picture of a woman in a corset on his wall, as well as posters of the bands “Hot Chop” and “The Cribs”. A white hat hangs on his wardrobe.
  • Michelle’s phone number is 07404-508414. To call Mr. McKinney’s taxi, call 90384666.
  • The words Malachy put on the garage doors are quotes from “Apocalypse Now”.
  • On Saturday morning, Malachy wears an UMBRO jacket. Malachy’s red jacket has four black stripes.
  • A deleted scene was a scene of Malachy hunched over a toilet vomiting after a party, with vomit smeared across his face.
  • When Malachy walks up to Michelle’s house on Sunday, he moves his tongue across his teeth (mouth closed) as if to clean them before meeting her.
  • The laughter in the scene when the boys are celebrating in the appartment was not scripted, but a moment of Rupert actually cracking up laughing.
  • One of Luke’s exes is Kelly Shiels.
  • At the big party, Shanon wears a shirt saying “L’avenir” (= “the future” in French). When Luke slides down to the floor against a wall, Fanta’s green jacket is visible next to Luke.

Official Website

Filming: five weeks, July/August 2008
Budget: $1,5 Million

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert’s most memorable scene to film: the “love scene”
  • Most difficult scene: the fight in the pool, as he and Robert Sheehan were in the cold water all day and they got pretty physical.
  • Rupert had his eyebrows and eyelashes dyed for the shoot.
  • Rupert said that the hairstyle helped him to get into character.
  • The directors spent a whole week with Rupert, Kim and Robert to rehearse and develop the characters.
  • Dialogue Coach Brendan Gunn recorded all the lines for the three leads to put on their iPods to listen. They picked up the rest from the crew, most of whom were local.
  • The Rotterdam (the bar serving as the “Lifeboat” in the film) actually became the casts’ local during filming.
  • In between takes for the kissing scene, Rupert and Kim did crosswords to calm their nerves.
  • Due to the tight filming schedule, Rupert occasionally had to live of candy bars and coke.
  • Rupert wanted to do the car stunts himself, but was not allowed to as it was quicker to shoot with a stunt double.
  • The love scene was filmed as a continuous shot of about ten minutes.
  • Rupert’s character wears a pair of very expensive black shoes. As they did not want those shoes to be ruined during the scenes in the pool area, they got a cheaper pair of shoes and painted it so that it looked like the expensive ones.
  • Michelle’s necklace (a throne, which she got from her dad who calls her “Princess”) is owned by one of the crew members who got it for her graduation and usually does not take it off.
  • During a break, Rupert walked up behind some crew members and said his line “Somebody ordered a taxi?” in such a perfect accent that the crew members were about to send that “taxi driver” off until they noticed it was Rupert himself.
  • The original title was “Sin Spree” and the boys’ deeds were related to the “Deathly Sins”, but the title was eventually changed to “Cherrybomb”.
  • The staff at the Leisureplex actually wear the same outfit as the staff in the film. While the crew was shooting at the reception bar, the Leisurecentre crew continued working in the room behind the counter, so the windows had to be covered with foil.

Filming Locations

  • Valley Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey (Titanic Leisureplex)
  • Rotterdam Bar, Pilot Street (Lifeboat Club)
  • South Parade (Malachy’s House)
  • Beside Skegoneil (Luke’s Home)
  • Wellington Park (Michelle’s House)
  • Mayfair Avenue (Luke and Smiley fighting at the Chippy)
  • Waterfront Hall (kids texting)

Cast (selection)

Rupert Grint (Malachy McKinney)
Robert Sheehan (Luke Connolly)
Kimberley Nixon (Michelle Crilly)
James Nesbitt (David Crilly)
Niamh Quinn (Donna)
Kat Kirk (Sharon)
Conor MacNeill (Fanta)
Greer Ellison (Bun)
Paul Kennedy (Chris, Luke’s brother)
Lalor Roddy (Smiley, Luke’s father)


Directors: Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn
Screenplay: Daragh Carville
Music: David Holmes & Stephen Hilton
Director of Photography: Damien Elliott
Production Designer: David Craig
Costume Designer: Hazel Webb-Crozier
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Aisling Toner
Stunt Coordinator: Paul Jennings
Dialogue Coach: Brendan Gunn
Editor: Nick Emerson
Casting Director: Georgia Simpson

Producer: Generator Entertainment, Green Park Films, Octagon Films
International Sales: Little Film Company
Funding: Northern Ireland Screen, BBC Northern Ireland, Irish Film Board, Broadcasting Commission of Ireland


Runtime: 85 min 52 sec
Rating: 15 (UK), 12 (Germany)
Festival Ratings: 14+ (Berlin Film Festival), 18 (Dublin International Film Festival), 15 (Belfast Film Festival), 16+ (Giffoni Film Festival)
Genre: Romance/Thriller


Universal Pictures/indiVISION (UK), Universal Pictures (Australia), Capelight (Germany), Front Row (Middle East), Go Crazy (Czech Republic and Slovakia)


  • Berlin Film Festival 2009, Section Generation 14plus (8, 9 & 15 February 2009; all sold out)
  • Dublin International Film Festival 2009 (21 March 2009; sold out)
  • Belfast Film Festival 2009 (30 March 2009 , 1 April 2009; sold out, second screening added due to huge demand)
  • Cannes Film Festival 2009 (14 May 2009)
  • Galway Film Fleadth (10 July 2009)
  • Giffoni Film Festival 2009 (23 July 2009)
  • Los Angeles Irish Film Festival 2009 (25 September 2009)


World Premiere: 8 February 2009, Babylon theatre, Berlin (Berlin Film Festival)
UK Premiere: 30 March 2009, Movie House Dublin Road, Belfast (Belfast Film Festival)
UK, Ireland: 23 April 2010
Germany: 5 July 2010
Czech Republic: 3 June 2010
Turkey: 29 April 2011
Hungary: 5 November 2011


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  • Audience Award, Belfast Film Festival 2009 (winner)
  • Irish Film and Television Awards 2009, Best Original Score (nominated)
  • Crystal bear, Berlin Film Festival 2009, Generation 14plus (nomination)
  • First Feature Film Award, Berlin Film Festival 2009 (nomination)
  • Gryfon Award, Giffoni Film Festival 2009, Generator 16 (nomination)

Memorable Quotes

Mal: „I freakin’ hate you sometimes“
Luke: “Get in the queue, sunshine, I hate me all the time.”

Mal: “It’s easy for you, cause nobody gives a fuck about you!”

Mal: “Always the quiet ones”

Mal: “Dirty bastard”

Crilly: “Where’re you going, Mal?”
Mal: “It’s six o’clock, Dave…”

Mal: “Give us your number. Just so, if we do decide to go we’ll give you a shout.”

Luke: “I am so gonna fuck her.”
Mal: “Not if I get there first, you’re not.”

Luke:“Make yourself scarce.”
Mal: “No way, she likes me, too!”
Michelle: “Who says I like either one of you?”
Luke: “What’s not to like?”
Mal: “We’re only human!”

Crilly: “Clean the car.”
Mal: “That’s not my job!”
Crilly: “Your job is to do what I’m telling you to do”

Luke: “What else you got there you’re polishing?”
Mal: “Fuck off!”

Mal: “Someone ordered a taxi?”

Luke: “Go on, let me drive, man!”
Mal: “You drive like a dick!”

Mal: “Just wanted to tell you. You missed the boat, mate.”

Mal: “I never tape on the first date. I pride myself on that.”

Luke: “Sooo… you didn’t actually fuck her?”
Mal: “Not as such. She sucked my cock.”
Luke: “You blew it!”
Mal: “I didn’t blow it, she blew me!”

Mal: “I really like her, man.”
Luke: “You what?!”
Mal: “Just… I like her.”

Mal: “Alright, fuck it. Forget it, if you’re gonna be a dick about it!”

Michelle: “So where’d we go in this great plan of yours?”
Mal:”I dunno. Does it matter?”

Rupert about Cherrybomb

“Usually, Malachy doesn’t get the girl. Luke is more of the ladies’ man, but he’s a bit more dodgy. Malachy isn’t a geek, he’s a bit of a thug, but he starts off as basically a good kid. He goes to work, he has a good relationship with his parents, but he’s got some bad influences, so he gets into a bit of trouble.”

“It gets quite serious. It gets a bit crazy. Really violent and out of hand and lethal at the end.”

“It wasn’t that conscious, actually, it just kind of happened… It was different too, quite an adult sort of role. So, yeah, it worked out well. But it was nice to play a character with some more depth, who was a bit more real.”

“It was the first kind of real, adult role for me really so I was quite nervous about it. It did felt like a massive step, as it’s kind of away from home. We filmed it in Belfast, out of the whole comfort bubble of Harry Potter really, as I’ve known everyone there for all my life. Had to speak with a different accent, so yeah everything felt different and it took me a while to adjust to that.”
(The Independent April 22, 2010)

On his quiff : “It has taken me a little while to get used to it and especially to seeing so much of my eyes. I am not sure if it’s a look I will go for when I go back home, but it may take off though. You never know!”
(Belfast Telegraph 2008)

“I definitely can’t relate to their kind of lifestyle. It’s quite a scary world.”
(Total Film 2009)

“I picked it because my character, Malachy, is a complicated lad with all kinds of teenage emotions and rebellion swirling around inside.”
(Telegraph April 22, 2010)


Language: English
Extras: Making of, Getting intimate with Rupert and Robbie
ASIN (Region 2): B003EYV242

German DVD/BluRay
Language: English, German
Subtitles: German
Extras: Making of, Getting intimate with Rupert and Robbie
ASIN (Region 2 DVD): B003QJIM34
ASIN (BluRay): B003QJIM3E


  • Preparedness by The Bird and the Bee
  • Plan Retrieval by Exmagician
  • Cherrybomb by FlyKKiller
  • No girl in my plan by Two Lone Swordsmen
  • Sweet Love for Planet Earth by Fuck Buttons
  • This River by Alloy Mental
  • Sweet Love for Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Mix) by Fuck Buttons
  • Feathers by Two Lone Swordsmen
  • I heard wonders by David Holmes
  • Hello Death My Old Friend by Robyn Shiels
  • Got the Time Sister by David Holmes
  • Fear (David Holmes Remix) by FlyKKiller
  • Being Kong by Twinkranes
  • Della Notte by The Vendetta Suite
  • She Brings The Rain by Ruth
  • Goodbye Friend by Cashier No 9

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