Rupert Grint Filmography: CBGB

“It’s about the New York club CBGB and the punk scene of the time. I play a guitarist called Cheetah Chrome who was in a band called The Dead Boys. I had to be a rock star. It was refreshing.” (Rupert Grint about CBGB)


Directed by Randall Miller, Rupert Grint stars in the film CBGB as Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys alongside Alan Rickman, Stana Katic, Ashley Greene and Justin Bartha. Filming took place in June/July 2012 with the film premiering on 8 October 2013 at the CBGB Festival in New York.

The Story

CBGB tells the story of Hilly Kristal, who opened up the music club CBGB (Country, Bluegrass and Blues) in New York, and how this club became the crade for the underground punk and rock’n’roll movement where acts like the Dead Boys, Ramones and Blondie appeared on stage.

Rupert’s character

Rupert plays Cheetah Chrome, a “snotty-nosed rebellious punk” and member of the band ‘The Dead Boys, who were also important in the history of the CBGB club, as they were being managed by the club’s owner Hilly Krystal.

Trivia Information

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Filming: 25 June to 28 July 2012
Budget: $5.000.000

Behind the Scenes

  • Rupert not only had to put on an American accent, but also to play the guitar in front of the camera, and was given a completely new haircut.
  • Cheetah Chrome visited the set and approved of Rupert’s portrayal of him. Cheetah’s son Rogan happens to be a Harry Potter fan.
  • Randall Miller and Jodie Savin mentioned that they had Rupert in mind for the part of Cheetah Chrome when they were working on the screenplay.
  • While filming took place in Georgia and New York, Rupert’s scenes were all shot in Savannah.
  • Cheetah Chrome was on set during the shooting of Rupert’s scenes.
  • While improvising, Justin Bartha hit Rupert between the legs before jumping into his arms in one scene
  • Rupert work a sock-like contraption during the bare-bum scene.
  • Despite being a fan of many of the bands who had performed at CBGB, Rupert did not know the Dead Boys before shooting and had to look them up and listen to their music in preparation for the role.

Filming Locations

  • New York City, USA
  • Savannah, Georgia, USA
  • Congress St, Savannah, GA


Rupert Grint (Cheetah Chrome)
Alan Rickman (Hilly Kristal)
Ashley Greene (Lisa Kristal)
Malin Akerman (Debbie Harry)
Johnny Galecki (Terry Ork)
Stana Katic (Genya Ravan)
Justin Bartha (Stiv Bators)
Julian Acosta (Johnny Ramone)
Joel David Moore (Joey Ramone)
Freddy Rodriguez (Idaho)
Cheetah Chrome (himself)


Director: Randall Miller
Screenplay: Randall Miller, Jody Savin
Music Supervisor: Brad Rosenberger
Director of Photography: Mike Ozier
Production Designer: Craig Stearns
Costume Designer: Jillian Krein
Hair & Make-Up Designer: Lynn Barber, Yesim ‘Shimmy’ Osman
Stunt Coordinator: Gary Guercio
Editor: Dan O’Brian
Casting Director: Richard Pagano

Producer: Randall Miller, Brad Rosenberger, Jody Savin; Unclaimed Freight Productions
International Sales: The Exchange

CBGB on imdb.com

Runtime: 101min
Rating: R for language throughout, some sexual content, drug use, and a scene of violence (MPAA)
Genre: Drama/Music


XLrator Media (USA), Anderson Digital (USA), Union Pictures (Canada)


CBGB Festival, New York City, USA

Release Dates

USA: 11 October 2013 (limited)
Canada: 4 December 2013 (limited)
Greece: 27 February 2014


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Memorable Quotes

Hilly: Hilly Kristal
Cheetah: Cheetah Chrome
Hilly: That was good… that was… it was really good.
Cheetah: Thank you sir.
Stiv: That means a lot, you know?
Blitz: Your dog is crapping on the floor, sir.
Hilly: Yeah, he does that.
Stiv: I piss in ice machines.
Hilly: Where are you guys from?
Cheetah: Cleveland, sir.
Hilly: Well, I’m impressed with the youth of Cleveland.
Cheetah: Oh, you shouldn’t be.
Hilly: Why not?
Cheetah: A looooot of losers.
Hilly: Well, you seem awfully polite.
Blitz: Yeah well, we were altar boys.
Cheetah: That was a while ago.
Stiv: Look, mr. Kristal. We got the gig here or not?
Hilly: Yeah
Blitz: No shit!
Stiv: Holy fuck!
Hilly: Spoken like a true altar boy.

Journalist: Some say punk promotes a message of violence.
Stiv: I mean, what we’re doing is not really destructive, you know?
Journalist: So, it’s not a statement of aggression?
Stiv: We’re just letting out a little energy and frustration. Where better to do that, here or on the streets?
Journalist: Good point.
Cheetah: (whispers) Hi Mom!
Stiv: Yeah, it’s actually really healthy.
Journalist: So, what kind of girls do you like?
Stiv: All kinds. I like the ones that like to fuck and leave in the morning.
Cheetah: Stiv? She just wants to give you a blowjob.

Cheetah: (to journalist) See? He’s not all about violence!
Journalist: Cut!

Genya: So is that your real hair color or you just dye it that way?
Cheetah: Who wants to know?
Genya: Me!
Cheetah: It’s real. (scoffs and pulls down pants) So, now you know!
Genya: Yeah, we’re good.

Hilly: Sire is interested in signing you if we can show that the band is reliable and people will pay to see you.
Stiv: We are the definition of reliable.
(Cheetah stomps through the door and throws himself on the sofa between Stiv and Blitz)
Cheetah: What’d I miss?
Hilly: Let’s make a demo and get out on the road.
Genya: Hilly, how much money is this?
Blitz: We are gonna rock and shit.
Cheetah: Rock…
Hilly: Don’t screw this up!
Stiv: Scouts honor.

(pointing at stickers of swastikas on The Dead Boys tour gear)
Genya: What the fuck is that?
Cheetah: What?
Genya: Get rid of those fucking things.
Blitz: They’re just stickers.
Genya: Hilly, your manager… Hey! Hilly, your manager, the guy who is footing the bill for all of this – he’s Jewish. Me? Your producer, I’m Jewish. And the guy who owns this studio, who is doing us a favor by letting us record at these ridiculous prices, he’s got numbers tattooed on his arm. Do you know what that means?
Cheetah: Not really…
Genya: Auschwitz! Hitler! Nazis! Now get rid of the fucking swastikas.
Cheetah: Okay. Fucking lighten up, I’ll get rid of them.
Genya: Look, you guys. You’re not Nazis, okay? You’re punks. And anything bad, anything wrong, you wanna do it. I get it. Now let’s go have a bagel…
Cheetah: What’s a bagel?
Genya: What’s… what’s a bagel? What part of Cleveland are you from? Cleveland, Germany?

Cheetah: Hello Poughkeepsie!

Cheetah: Fuck you, New Haven!

Cheetah: Suck my balls, Bridgeport!

Cheetah: Hello White Plains!

Stiv: This is not the end of the world. I mean, this could be good for us if we manage it right.
Cheetah: We are punks after all.
Hilly: Blitz might be dead. The last thing I care about is publicity for a band that is about to cost me my club.
(Genya enters)
Hilly: How is he?
Genya: He’s erhm… critical.
Hilly: Fuck! Do you still have the money?
Genya: Yeah…
Hilly: Blitz is gonna need it. Make sure he gets good medical care.
Cheetah: Where are you going?
Hilly: I’m not your father. I’m just your manager. I can’t do this anymore…

Rupert about CBGB

“The whole punk thing has always inspired me. I love the music, the clothes and just the whole style of it was just something I’ve always loved. I don’t really know a lot about CBGB, the club. I don’t really know much about it, but preparing for this, did research on it and read about it and it’s extraordinary. It was great.”
(snitchseeker.com, July 2012)

“It’s about the New York club CBGB and the punk scene of the time. I play a guitarist called Cheetah Chrome who was in a band called The Dead Boys. I had to be a rock star. It was refreshing.”
(metro.co.uk, July 2012)

“That’s also something else that’s new to me: playing someone who’s still living. We had to watch the trailers. It’s very strange. It also puts a little pressure on you because you want to get it right and do him justice. At some point, I’ve watched all the videos of him and there’s a really good interview they did. I’ve watched that several times.”
(snitchseeker.com, July 2012)

“He’s a snotty-nosed punk rebelling against everything and quite morose – he’s the complete opposite of Ron.”
(metro.co.uk, July 2012)


Released on 31 December 2013: US DVD (B00F3TD8QQ), US BR (B00F3TDA2I)


Soundtrack (Audio CD, released October 8, 2013), Omnivore Recordings (Universal) ASIN:
1. Life During Wartime (Talking Heads)
2. Kick Out The Jams – Uncensored Version (MC5)
3. Chatterbox (New York Dolls)
4. Careful (Television)
5. Blank Generation (Richard Hell & The Voidoids)
6. Slow Death (Flamin’ Groovies)
7. I Can’t Stand It (The Velvet Underground)
8. Out Of Control (Wayne County & The Electric Chairs)
9. Psychotic Reaction (The Count Five)
10. All For The Love Of Rock N Roll (Tuff Darts)
11. All By Myself (Johnny Thunders & THe Heartbreakers)
12. California Sun – Original DEMO (The Dictators)
13. Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth (Dead Boys)
14. I Got Knocked Down But I’ll Get Up (Joey Ramone)
15. Get Outa My Way (The Laughing Dogs)
16. Sunday Girl – 2013 Version (Blondie)
17. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)
18. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
19. Roxanne (The Police)
20. Birds And The Bees (Hilly Kristal)