Welcome to Rupert Grint Filmography!

This sub-site of Ice Cream Man is the most extensive source uniting the information on all Feature Films, TV, Voice and Stage work and other productions starring actor Rupert Grint.

For each project, there are pages set up the following way:

  • About (Plot Summary, Rupert’s character, Trivia information)
  • Backstage (Filming dates, Behind-the-Scenes facts, Filming Locations)
  • Crew (list of Cast and Crew, Producer)
  • Distribution (Rating, Runtime, Box Office information, Distributors, Festivals, Premieres, Release Dates)
  • Extras (Images, Media, Press Archive)
  • Feedback (Reviews, Awards)
  • Quotes (Film Quotes, Rupert about the film)
  • Merchandise (DVD/BluRay, Soundtrack information)

If you have any additional information that we have not yet put up on this site, or could not find information you were looking for, feel free to email us!

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